Why You Should Consider Transcribing Your Video Audio to Text

There are a variety of reasons why you should transcribe audio to text. For starters, it’s not only beneficial to your organization by helping to increase brand awareness and exposure on Google, but audio to text online transcription will help your viewers engage more with your video content and brand.

Before we dive into the top reasons why you should transcribe video to text, let’s talk about why video transcriptions are so popular.

Video Transcriptions Are Used Now More Than Ever

Audio to text transcriptions are crucial for all professionals, amateurs, and everyday users of both audio and video content. Getting accurate transcriptions for any recording is the best way to save both time and money as you won’t have to sit and listen to hours upon hours of video and/or audio footage. Knowing this, companies are investing money into transcription services as it helps to increase employee productivity.

Additionally, audio to text transcriptions provide adherence to disability discrimination laws. These laws came into effect to protect the rights of those with disabilities. One of those laws require that all videos include closed captions for full accessibility. While these laws are open to interpretation, more and more companies are choosing to transcribe videos to avoid any legal ramifications.

Lastly, transcription provides an easy way to repurpose video content into new forms of media which can include blog articles, presentations, and social media posts. All of these help to increase brand exposure and provide viewers with new content to engage with.

Audio to Text Transcriptions Can Provide Many Benefits For Users and The Content Producer

1. Improve Accessibility

We touched on discrimination laws earlier but audio to text online transcription also helps to improve accessibility for a variety of end users. Originally closed captions were developed specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing viewers to comprehend content. Why? It’s the best way for these 48 million people to view videos.

Transcriptions can also help those in sound-sensitive environments and those with poor internet that can’t load video content. Creating videos with closed captions produced from a transcript will allow those viewers to still watch your content as the captions convey exactly what is being said in the video.

Think about it: transcribing video to text means a person on a subway, a nursing mom, and even an individual on an airplane who forgot headphones can still watch your videos. Incorporating transcription and closed captioning into your video strategy will greatly broaden your audience and increase your brand exposure.

2. Better Comprehension

Whether you’re a student studying or a lawyer IncrediScribeiewing notes on a case, transcribing audio to text provides a better way for comprehension of content. Not only will your viewer be able to visually see but they will be able to read the content either after the fact or while it’s playing. In fact, according to Brain Rules, when people hear information along with seeing a relevant image, they are 65% more likely to remember that information three days later.

Transcription is also a way to enhance the experience for those whose native language isn’t English and for those who are learning a foreign language. How so? It will help to improve literacy by creating a concentrated focus, reinforcing the acquisition of words, and deepening the understanding of the language.

3. Boost SEO

Unlike videos, transcriptions provide text that allows search engines like Google to crawl and index it. Why would a company want this? A properly indexed video or online content will allow it to rank higher thus allowing more people to view and click on it.

In fact, when This American Life added transcripts to their videos, they saw an increase of 6.68% organic views. Additionally, they received a 3.89% increase in links directing people to their content.

Basically, video transcripts can be optimized for specific keywords that allow for future optimization and ranking. This will draw more viewers as the search of a simple word within a transcript can allow viewers to easily find your videos.

4. Increase Engagement

Who would have thought that captions would lead to increased video engagement and double the rate of video completion? By enhancing videos, audio to text transcription allows viewers to get a better experience from a video which helps to increase their overall engagement and experience. With that comes longer viewing times and more interaction with your brand. All of this is very important as Google rewards those videos and websites that have longer viewing times by increasing their page ranking.

Plus, audio to text transcriptions allow for easy creation of additional content by allowing content producers to scan the clips for specific words, phrases, and topics that can become the basis of other pieces of content.

Unfortunately, Computer Generated Transcripts Are Not Your Best Option

Why shouldn’t you use computer-generated transcripts? While they might appear to be convenient and even cheaper, you will sacrifice your time, money, and much more when converting audio to text online:

Background Noise

This is actually one of the most common problems that can occur with audio recordings. Sometimes the background noise can be so loud that it actually drowns out the speaker making it nearly impossible for softwares to create an accurate transcript. More often than not machines are only trained to hear a single speaker. In order to receive a spotless transcription from a computer software, the file needs have crisp, clear audio.

Technical Issues

Machines and computer-based software aren’t perfect. They can experience glitches or even shut down and not work completely. This can cause issues and even delay deadlines, especially if you’re reliant on audio to text softwares for a bigger project presentation.

Transcription Softwares May Have Vocabulary Limitations

Another frustrating factor often associated with computer generated transcript software is the fact that the vocabulary is usually very limited. This can be seen in proper nouns, specialized words, and even some names. What does this mean? If you’re using this type of software with unique languages or dialects, you will have to read over the transcript for accuracy.

A Computer May Not Understand The Accent From The Audio

Think about it: there are thousands of accents and dialects spoken worldwide making an uncountable variety of ways people speak. From the enunciation, pronunciation, slurring, and individual accent of specific words, it shouldn’t be a surprise why the level of a computer audio to text transcription accuracy can be much lower.

While it’s still possible to generate a transcription from a computer-based software, the words and phrases might not make much sense. You’ll have to read through the transcription multiple times to make the necessary corrections.

Fast Talkers May Confuse The Transcribing Software

Similar to accents, fast talkers can also cause machine transcription services to produce inaccurate transcripts. While machine-based solutions have come a very long way, they still can’t compare to the human ear.

With fast-talking comes the slurring of words, mispronunciations, and individual accents, which makes the context of the situation important to the transcription process. Unfortunately, machines aren’t just quite at the same level as humans.

At the end of the day, a machine-based audio to text online transcription software can produce poor transcription results leaving you in a bind. From misspellings, contextual errors, and much more, poor transcripts are essentially useless.

But, there is hope!

You Can Get Your Message Across Accurately With Real Person Audio to Text Transcription From IncrediScribe Unlike automatic speech to text transcription services, IncrediScribe combines the power of technology, human instinct, and price to deliver timely and accurate audio to text transcriptions.

Technology-Advanced Platform

Unlike some of the other online transcription services out there, here at IncrediScribe, we use technology to our advantage to offer top quality, speed, and value to our customer. Our proprietary platform streamlines the process and creates a space where all of our freelancers can deliver fast and quality audio to text transcripts.

Best Freelancers

A human’s ear is wired to hear more detail from a group conversation, noisy environments, and situations where acoustics aren’t the greatest. Additionally, a human is able to put conversations into context and can identify the proper spelling of certain words. Humans simply make extremely accurate transcripts.

The team at IncrediScribe knows this which is why they hand-pick the best freelancers to transcribe. Each transcriptionist has to go through a series of tests before they can become part of the IncrediScribe team. Plus, they will all continuously go through IncrediScribeiews and quality checks to ensure quality and accuracy.


In today’s world we know that speed means everything. This is why we have a pool of thousands of professional transcriptionists who are standing by waiting to help you convert your audio to text file. In fact, we are actually one of the largest online transcription service providers. Due to that, we can offer you impeccable turn around time on orders. Typically with files under 60 minutes, we can deliver an accurate transcript within 24 hours – can’t beat that!

Best Price on the Block

The main goal at IncrediScribe is to offer reasonable and transparent pricing to all of our customers. The most common way to price transcription services is based on time. We charge $1/minute, which just happens to be one of the most affordable prices out there.

Additionally, we will transcribe the following for free. Yes, free:

  • Multiple speakers in a recording
  • Accents, even thick ones
  • Recordings with poor audio quality
  • Technical content
  • Longer files (2+ hours)

We pride ourselves on delivering fast and accurate audio to text transcriptions with no need to charge additional fees.

99% Accuracy or Better with ALL Transcripts – No Matter What

How is this possible? We’re miracle workers. But seriously, by hiring the best transcriptionists and setting up rigourous guidelines, we’re able to tell you with 100% confidence that we always strive to deliver our clients high-quality deliverables.

As it states in our Quality Guarantee, for our transcription services, we guarantee at least 99% accuracy for files that have clear audio. For those that aren’t as crisp and clear, we will work extremely close with our clients to correct any issues that may have come up to ensure the transcript is as close to being 100% accurate as possible.

Are you ready to get started on your audio to text transcription? Click below and fill out the form to get your first ten minutes of video transcription free.