Why You Need Video Transcriptions of Webinars and Live Events

Think about a live event you attended or webinars you registered for. Have you ever come away hoping that you could watch the seminar or session again? Or, at least read through the presentation transcript to look for key points? A good marketing strategy is to follow-up with the attendees a day or so after the event with a video recording and transcription of any of the live speaking sessions. In return, people engage with your presentation content well after the event has ended.

Video isn’t just a passing fad. By 2022, video will account for 82% of all marketing traffic. Your audience can be swayed by video, too. 79% of people say a brand’s video convinced them to buy a product or service. That’s nearly four out of every five people admitting video has a positive effect on them. Why wouldn’t you use it as part of your marketing strategy?

Additionally, there are so many ways video can be turned into other content forms. Social media posts, tweetable quotes, podcasts, and blogs can help maximize and capture additional audiences. Transcribing videos to text is a helpful way to make video content useful in those many different online formats.

Even if you do create video content from a live event or webinar, it’s likely you’re not utilizing to its full potential. That’s okay – a lot of people aren’t doing that. However, now’s the time to start!

How Does Video Transcription Help With Event Follow-Up?

Producing a live event or webinar takes a lot of effort. There’s quite a bit of prep work to be done, from arranging guests, developing your content, and handling any other logistics that need to happen for the presentation to be a success.

But that work shouldn’t stop once the event or webinar ends. It’s a big miss to not utilize your presentation content to its fullest extent in your follow-up efforts. You should transcribe your video content so it can turn into several other formats to use throughout your brand’s marketing efforts. When you follow up with emails, blogs, or social media posts, you have snippets and quotes from the event ready to use!

Transcripts of your presentations allow search engines to crawl the dialogue and help people find the content on your site.

Having a text file version of your video content lets search engines crawl your site more easily, increasing the number of people your content can reach. It also allows you to use snippets of the video for social media purposes, email newsletters, and a host of other marketing activities.

There are so many people that can benefit from your video to text transcription, as well. Someone who’s hard of hearing can read your content, ensuring they don’t miss a word. Hearing loss is more common than you’d think – one in six people report being affected by it.

Additionally, a non-native English speaker may have difficulty understanding everything that’s spoken quickly, but can take their time with a transcription. You’re also able to reach folks that are simply unable to use sound on their video but still want to engage with the content, whether they’re on a noisy train, at a public library without their headphones, or even at the office.

From improved understanding, to boosted SEO, to better engagement across the board, it just makes sense to create transcriptions video to text.

Communicate to People Who Didn’t Attend the Live Event

  • By getting a transcription of your live events’ video content, you can use the content in marketing materials for people who couldn’t attend. This way, you can continue to profit from the same marketing you already used during the event by using the content in an email sequence or series of articles.
  • Did your speaker have actionable advice for those in attendance? Share a snippet of that advice in your next newsletter or blog post. It helps your entire audience feel included, not just those who attended the event or webinar.
  • You can also take the audio from the event and turn it into a podcast – of course, with a transcript to help with SEO and for the audience members listed above who may find the speed of a video (or a podcast, in this case) to be too fast-paced.

Use as a Lead Generation Tool on Your Website

  • Mention that the transcription from the webinar or event could also be turned into a lead generating tool on your website, by turning the content into an eBook, several white pages or other informative resources.
  • Turn transcriptions from the webinar or event into a lead generating tool on your website. You can turn the content into an eBook, a series of white papers or other informative resources.
  • Share a portion of the transcript as part of a follow-up webinar or during a sales chat. It’s a way to entice people to learn more about your products and services.
  • Taking that one step further, the video transcript can be an effective piece of gated content. People who couldn’t make your event likely are interested in what occurred. You’ll gladly share it with them – provided they give you their email address and other contact information.

Engaging Content for Your Social Media

  • Having a written transcription of a video lets you turn that content into a series of social media posts. You’re able to use your video’s content in an entirely fresh way, whether it’s pulling key quotes mentioned during a live event or referencing specific statistics from a webinar video.
  • You could also use excerpts from the transcription to create social media graphics to share with your audience. They’ll be able to consume the content as if they were there.
  • Transcriptions work well with paid social promotion, too – you can target folks by specific interests or keywords that are relevant to what you’re sharing from the transcript, and you already know your audience is interested in that topic.

Beneficial SEO for Your Brand’s Website

Beyond making things more helpful for your existing audience, a video transcription is useful for potential customers, too. There are many benefits to including informative and helpful written content on your website, especially around SEO. Search engines crawl sites for content to determine how valuable that website is to people looking for specific keywords and terms on the internet.

Your site with a lot of videos may be visually appealing to people who happen upon it. But you’re missing out on a huge portion of your audience by not including text, as well. All of the keywords from your discussion are included in your transcript, which makes your content more searchable. You’re also letting your audience more easily find key points from the presentation or webinar. Rather than scrolling through the video to locate a specific section, your website visitors can easily do a Ctrl + F search for a keyword or phrase.

Does Using a Professional Transcription Service Matter?

When it comes to video transcription services online, you have many choices. The one you decide to use makes a big difference. You must do the proper research by IncrediScribeiewing user satisfaction ratings, customer testimonials and other information to determine whether or not the service seems legitimate and reputable.

If you choose a high-quality transcription service, it provides a handful of benefits:

It saves you time by not having to carefully IncrediScribeiew the transcription for mistakes. Your transcripts come with a guaranteed accuracy rate. Those keywords that are so important for SEO? They’ll be spelled correctly, so you know your audience can find your content via search engines. Your transcription turns around super quickly. It’s comforting to know that when you submit a file to a high-quality transcription service, you’ll have it back within 12 hours – or even more quickly if you need a rush job. Were there multiple speakers in a presentation? You can easily differentiate between them. Speaker diarisation, time stamps, and other features make your transcript look slick, professional, and most importantly, easy to read.

It pays to do the research when you’re choosing a transcription service. Cutting corners or trying to do it yourself can end up causing headaches. Instead, a high-quality transcription service saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on other things that will help your business.

Get A Transcript of Your Next Event

A good transcription service allows you to get more use out of the content that you produce from live events and webinars. They’re super quick, too – you don’t want to wait days or even weeks to follow up on an event or webinar. You can turn around your text content to use on social media, email newsletters, your website, in contributed content like a byline on another site, and a whole lot more. Your brand also reaps the benefits of SEO. Both your current audience and potential new customers can find your content much more easily and quickly, and engage with it in a variety of ways.

Video content alone only takes you so far. Visit the IncrediScribe transcription services page to learn how transcribing your content can help you and your business grow.