What is the Best Voice to Text Transcription Software?

Voice to text transcription software helps you transform ideas and information from audio into text files that you can use, search through, share and turn into action. Essentially, all voice to text software transcribes audio input into text.

The best voice to text software for you and your organization largely depends on your work process and your goals. You have to decide if you want speed, accuracy or a combination of both. Before you start looking for the right software for you, list out the different ways you’ll use the software and how you’re hoping it will help you make those processes more efficient. That is the best way to make the right decision.

The Best Voice to Text Transcription Software

1. Temi

Temi is the industry leader in speech recognition software and has been used by ESPN, PBS, The University of Texas, and other major corporations. It’s the premier option for voice to text transcription, and only costs 10 cents per minute.

2. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a great option for large organizations who dictate a high volume of information on a regular basis. One key feature of Dragon Anywhere is the way it learns your speaking style over time. The software becomes more accurate the more you use it. You can also command the software to edit your documents in real time, which is perfect for efficiency. Dragon Anywhere does come at a monthly cost, so if your budget is tight, consider another option.

3. IncrediScribe IncrediScribe is the best voice to text solution if you need the best of all worlds. IncrediScribe offers 90% accurate speech recognition software for 10 cents per minute and 99% accurate human transcription services for $1 per minute.

4. Transcribe

The “Transcribe” app is a great option for journalists and researchers who tend to talk to people all over the world. The voice to text software can transcribe any audio file in up to 80 languages with a 90% accuracy rate. If the speaker in your audio files changes all the time, you wouldn’t benefit from the learning features of Dragon Anywhere, and Transcribe might be right for you.

5. Speechnotes

Speechnotes is an option that is great for students or others who need to be conscious of their budget. It’s a free app that you can upgrade if you want, but it allows for free-flowing thoughts. The software will record as long as you want and allow you to edit the text with your voice or through type. It’s a great option if you need a quick solution.

Learn More About Voice to Text and Your Transcription Options

No matter what voice to text software you choose, you will see a positive impact on your productivity and organization. Quickly edit your text files by theme or project, share big ideas or action items with your collaborators and incorporate accurate accounts of events in your content all with a single software program.

To learn more about what your transcription options are, including creating transcriptions by yourself, read through our other resources . We offer a step by step guide for creating transcriptions for your personal use or as a way to become a professional transcriptionist.