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Don’t waste any more time with manual transcription. If you record audio or video and need a written copy, you need an automated transcription service like IncrediScribe in your toolbox. Fast, accurate, and affordable, our state-of-the-art AI to transform your audio or video into text files rapidly using Android and iPhone apps, Google Chrome extensions, and a web page service– easy to start, with no installation required. Upload your first file today, and start your journey with IncrediScribe.

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How Our Transcription Service Works

Access IncrediScribe’s professional transcription services from anywhere using our mobile app, virtual meeting bot, or website and collect your audio recordings to be transcribed in a flash. Sign up with your Google or Facebook account or email, upload your audio and video file by dragging and dropping, pasting a web link, or recording directly into IncrediScribe, and let our AI transcription do the rest. Our powerful automated transcription service generates text within a few minutes, and you’ll receive an email notifying you when your file is ready. When completed, feel free to use our rich text editor to fix minor errors, then download your file in formats such as SRT, TXT, or Word file.

Elevate the audio documentation with our transcription services—efficiency meets innovation.

Why Choose IncrediScribe? Standard transcription services don’t offer the enhanced features and transcription quality that IncrediScribe does. Our audio transcription is more accurate than human transcriptions, our turnaround time is faster, and our affordable pricing can’t be beaten.

99% Accuracy Achieved

Human powered transcription can’t deliver the same level of precision as our AI transcription service Record and transcribe live in 100+ languages with our intuitive software at an error rate of 1%. Upload your audio and video files of recorded speech and receive verbatim transcription in a multitude of tongues.

With Transkriptor’s quick-upload feature, transform your audio files to text effortlessly.

Any File, From Anywhere

Transcribe Google Drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox Files, as well as YouTube Videos, all with a link. IncrediScribe is also available via our transcription apps. Export your completed transcript in TXT, SRT, Word, or Plain Text file formats.

Seamlessly integrate Transcriptor’s Meeting Assistant into online conferences for instant transcription.

Organized Office

Work with your team on complex projects with IncrediScribe’s collaboration features for businesses . Try out our automatic bot that joins Your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings with multiple speaker identification to transcribe audio with ease. IncrediScribe not only transcribes your audio and video files, but it also allows you to create folders to organize them, too, making the transcription process all-encompassing.

Fast and Accurate Online Transcription Service

Ensure accuracy with the best transcription services available via IncrediScribe. Our AI software listens to your audio and video files, detects multiple speakers in over 100 languages, and transcribes your file with up to 99% accuracy. Get highly accurate audio transcription files delivered in minutes.

Who can Benefit From Transcription Services?

IncrediScribe is used by professionals, students, and creatives alike, and among our customers are lawyers, doctors, marketing professionals, and even government officials. Whether you need to transcribe recordings , podcasts, interviews, online classes, conferences, seminars, or webinars, IncrediScribe is the best choice for all your transcription needs. Meeting Notes Without Manual Transcription: Don’t waste valuable time with manual transcription. Record meetings live with IncrediScribe or upload the audio file to our dashboard to receive a transcription in minutes. Excellent Exports: Export your files as TXT, SRT, Word, or Plain Text, for use on any project. Let Us Work From A Link: Transcribe any audio or video file from YouTube, Google Drive, and Onedrive by simply copying and pasting the link. Edit With Ease: Take advantage of IncrediScribe’s rich text editor to change speaker names by listening to the audio in slow motion. Divide and Conquer: Share your transcriptions with the team and collaborate on files with edit permissions and folders to organize your files or audio and video content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate is IncrediScribe? IncrediScribe is up to 99% accurate in over 100+ languages, including English, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and more, depending on audio quality. Start translating your transcripts into other languages with one click from the IncrediScribe dashboard, and create written content that makes a splash with automated transcripts.

How much do transcription services cost?

IncrediScribe’s pricing is affordable and much cheaper than other transcription services. We also offer a free trial on sign-up, with no installation required, so you can begin transcribing in seconds.

Our competitive pricing plans start at $4.99 a month for the Lite subscription, which includes 5 hours of transcription per month, billed once per year at a charge of $59.95. The Lite plan is perfect for individuals who only need a few files transcribed per month.

Explore our Premium plan for individuals priced at $12.49 per month ($149.95 per year), and transcribe up to 40 hours worth of files per month. This plan is ideal for podcast hosts and offers more enhanced features for editing and sharing than different transcription services.

We also offer special plans for teams. Discover the Small Teams plan at $30 monthly (50% discount on yearly payments), which includes 50 hours per month and per member. For bigger enterprises, we offer premium features such as custom domains, API access, and custom integrations. Get in touch with our sales team today to discover which plan is right for you. Feel free to upgrade or downgrade plans anytime.

How long does it take to transcribe 1 hour of audio?

IncrediScribe will transcribe audio files in approximately half the time of the audio file itself. For example, a 10-minute-long audio recording will be completed within 5 minutes, therefore, 1 hour of audio will have a turnaround time of 30 minutes. Edit your transcript in our online editor. Our automatic transcription software includes speaker tags and speaker tracking so you never miss a beat. Edit your transcript while utilizing our playback in slow motion feature, so you can correct minor mistakes due to low quality audio.

How much does it cost to transcribe 1 hour of video?

We offer a free transcription trial on sign-up, so you’re able to check out the speed, accuracy, and quality of our video transcription services at no additional cost. With our affordable Lite subscription plan at just $4.99 for 5 hours of transcription per month, a 1-hour video would be transcribed at a cost of $0.99.

Click the “Try It Free” button to start now, and upgrade your account at any time to continue your transcribing jobs with IncrediScribe.

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