Subtitle Generator

What does Subtitle Generator mean?

A subtitle maker is a software tool that helps you create subtitles for videos or movies. It works by automatically transcribing the speech in the video. It matches the text with the correct moments in recorded presentations, tutorials, and vlogs.

How Does Subtitle Generator Work?

Subtitle generators work by using speech recognition technology to turn the audio from a video into text. The tool then uses algorithms to analyze the audio and identify the start and end times for each caption. Once the subtitles are ready, edit them or make changes as needed.

Steps to Generate Subtitles

  1. Import the video: The first step is to import the video file that you want to create subtitles for into the subtitle generator software. It is possible to upload videos in form of MPEG, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
  2. Automatic transcription: The software uses speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe the audio from the video into text. Depending on the quality of the audio and the software’s accuracy, this step requires some manual editing to correct errors or fill in missing words.
  3. Timecode synchronization: The software analyzes the audio and determines the start and end times for each subtitle based on when each line of dialogue is spoken. This is called timecode synchronization, and it ensures that the subtitles are displayed at the right moment in the video.
  4. Subtitle formatting: Once the text and timing of the subtitles are finalized, format them to your liking. This includes choosing the font, color, and size of the text, as well as adding special effects like shadowing or outlining.
  5. Exporting the subtitles: Once the subtitles are complete, export them as a separate file that is uploaded and displayed alongside the video. Most subtitle generator software allows you to export subtitles in a variety of formats, including SRT, VTT, and SSA/ASS.

Why Should You Use a Subtitle Generator?

  • Accessibility: Subtitles make your videos more accessible to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. It also helps those who prefer to watch videos with subtitles in their native language or with translation.
  • SEO optimization: Adding subtitles to your videos also helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It makes it easier for search engines to index and rank your videos.
  • Consistency: Using a subtitle generator help ensure consistency in the style and formatting of your subtitles, which is particularly important if you have multiple videos or a series of videos.
  • Cost-effective: Some subtitle generators offer free or low-cost services. This is a cost-effective way to add subtitles to your videos.

What is Automatic Subtitle Generator?

An auto subtitle generator is a type of software that uses speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe audio.

Creating subtitles automatically using speech recognition technology saves time and effort. Automatic caption creators are particularly useful for longer videos or audio files. That’s because the task of creating subtitles by hand is very time consuming.

How to Auto-Generate Subtitles?

To automatically create subtitles, you will need to use a tool that offers caption generation. Here are the general steps to follow:

  • Choose an automatic subtitle generator: There are several online subtitle generator tools that offer automatic subtitle generation features, such as Kapwing, Amara, and VEED.IO. Choose a subtitle tool that fits your needs and budget.
  • Upload your video or audio file: Once you’ve chosen a subtitle generator, upload the video or audio file that you want to generate subtitles for.
  • Transcription: The subtitle generator will use speech recognition technology to transcribe the audio in your video or audio file.
  • Review and edit the transcription: Once the transcription is complete, review the generated text and make any necessary edits to ensure that it accurately reflects the spoken content of your video or audio file.
  • Timecode synchronization: The subtitle generator will synchronize the text with the corresponding moments in the video or audio file so that the subtitles are displayed at the right time.
  • Download and save the subtitle files: Once the subtitles have been generated and synced, download them in your desired format, such as SRT file, VTT, or SSA/ASS, and save them to your computer.

How to Edit Subtitles?

You need to edit your newly created subtitles to correct errors, improve the timing or style, or make other changes. Here are the general steps to follow for editing subtitles:

  • Open the subtitle file: Open the subtitle file in a text editor or a subtitle editing software like Aegisub or Subtitle Edit.
  • Review the subtitles: Watch the video while reading the subtitles to identify any errors or issues that need to be corrected.
  • Edit the subtitles: Edit the subtitle file to make any necessary changes. This includes correcting spelling or grammar errors, adjusting the timing of the subtitles, or rephrasing the text for clarity or style.
  • Save the changes: Save the edited subtitle file, making sure to save it in the correct format (such as SRT, VTT, or TXT) for the platform or media player that you’re using.
  • Preview the subtitles: Preview the edited subtitles by playing the video with the subtitles displayed. Make sure that the timing and content of the subtitles match the video and that there are no issues or errors.
  • Finalize the subtitles: Once you’re satisfied with the edited subtitles, finalize the file and make sure it’s ready to be used with the video.

What is Subtitle Editor?

A caption editor creates, edits, and matches subtitles. Subtitle editing tools allow you to adjust the timing, style, and content of subtitles. This ensures that they are correct, readable, and matched with audio or video.

What are Closed Captions?

Closed captions are a type of subtitle that displays the spoken dialogue and other information. They provide accessibility to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. They also help those who are not able to listen to the audio due to outside noise.

Closed captions are apparent in television, online video platforms, and other media. They are mandatory by law, such as public service announcements and educational videos. They are an important tool for equal access to information for all viewers.

What is Video Captioning?

Video captioning is the process of adding text captions to a video. Video captioning helps viewers who are not able to listen to the audio due to environmental factors.

It is common in social media platforms such as Youtube videos, Instagram Reels, and Tiktok. Social media platforms provide real-time auto-captions for their users in mostly English with other foreign languages.

With automatic captions on these platforms, people are able to watch social media videos with subtitles.

What is Watermark?

In the context of digital media, a watermark is a graphic on top of an image or video. The watermark is transparent or semi-transparent. It allows the content to still be visible.

Various tools, such as image editors or video editing software help add watermarks to digital media. Some online tools automatically add watermarks to protect against unwanted use or distribution.

What are the Most Preferred Subtitle Generators?

Youtube Automatic Caption

Video content producers use the platform’s speech recognition technology to create subtitles automatically after they upload a new video. This option is available only for Russian, Japanese, English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, and Dutch.


VEED is a simple online video editor. One of the features is the ability to automatically create Subtitles & Captions from video audio using AI. The software takes the audio from your video file and then creates text and time stamps. Look through the automatically created text and make edits in the editors, and choose from a bunch of caption fonts. is a modern and simple web-based application. It allows users to get high-quality transcriptions. The basic or free version gets 600 minutes and 3 files to import per month. There are also different pricing options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some online video editors provide built-in subtitle generators or online tools for creating and editing subtitles. For example, WeVideo, Kapwing, and Clipchamp are popular online video editors. These editors include built-in subtitle generators or tools for creating and editing subtitles.