Meet a IncrediScribever: Transcriptionist and Adventurer in Wales

Name: Kat

From: Cardiff, Wales

Time With IncrediScribe: Since 2019

Service Line: Transcription

Kat: (00:02)

My name is Kathleen, but I go by Kat. I’m currently located in Cardiff, Wales, but I normally live in La Plata, Maryland. Before I moved to Wales, I was in Maryland, and I was working as a substitute teacher and still working towards my teaching degree, which is actually why I moved to Wales. I was kind of looking for a new adventure when it came to my education and actually ended up stumbling upon Cardiff University by accident, and I actually got in. I was talking with my parents, and we’re like, “Well, why not? What’s stopping you from going to Wales and studying there and having that adventure for two years?” I was like, “There’s actually nothing stopping me from doing this,” so I did. I packed up basically my life, and I moved to Wales for two years.

Kat: (00:47)

For my first year, I was relying quite heavily on my dad for supplying my grocery bill and stuff like that, money for that. The next year, I decided I didn’t want to have to rely on him for a lot of things. I wanted to be able to do it myself. I started looking for different ways that I could earn money, and I found IncrediScribe online. Being able to do that, and being able to do that while I was studying, was great. I liked that I could come home from a day of classes and hanging out with friends and stuff, and be able to just sit down and do transcribing for an hour or so and earn a good $13, $14 for an hour’s worth of freelancing, which was quite nice.

Kat: (01:25)

I was definitely looking for flexibility in hours, something that I could do no matter what time of day it was, but also something that didn’t say, “Okay, you have to do this many hours a week in order to maintain,” but also I’m able to earn a decent amount of money each week, enough to, like I said, pay my grocery bills and have leftover money for whatever else I wanted to do. I’ve been able to actually save quite a bit, and my plane tickets back and forth for home have been primarily funded by my IncrediScribe freelancing. IncrediScribe still helps provide for my everyday funds and needs, and it just gives me a little bit extra income throughout the week. Currently, I don’t have any plans to leave IncrediScribe anytime soon.