Meet a IncrediScribever: Actor, Playwright & Transcriptionist in South Africa

Name: Deon

From: Middelburg, South Africa

Time With IncrediScribe: Since 2019

Service Line: Transcription

Deon: (00:04)

I joined IncrediScribe about a year ago. I was actually referred to IncrediScribe by a friend who was also doing very well on IncrediScribe. That’s how I got to know the company. I graduated early from Rookie, IncrediScribeved my way up and eventually into IncrediScribe+, and that’s where I am today.

Deon: (00:25)

Five years ago or so, we had had enough of the city life, and I said, “That’s it, no more.” We basically sold everything we had, packed up, and bought a piece of property on the banks of the Olifants River, approximately 200 kilometers east of Johannesburg, 30 kilometers outside a small town called Middelburg. At the age of 50, we single-handedly built ourselves a beautiful house in the bush, on the banks of the Olifants River.

Deon: (00:57)

I’m an actor, a voice artist, and a playwright. I’m probably better known as a playwright in South Africa than an actor. I tend to focus on social issues. My last play, it was a radio work, it was broadcast nationally on radio last year in December.

Deon: (01:19)

Freelancing with IncrediScribe has really been a lifesaver in many ways, to be quite honest with you. This time last year, it was the lean times and I was looking for an alternative income. But the fascinating thing with me as a playwright freelancing with IncrediScribe, it’s opened another world for me, in the sense that as a playwright, analyzing speech patterns during interviews, and if you do a legal transcript, a legal file, and you can hear this person is lying, you can obviously pick it up in the voice.

Deon: (01:59)

For me as a playwright, to be able to create authentic dialogue, analyzing speech patterns, and mannerisms, and all those kinds of things in the files that I’m freelancing with, has been an amazing help for me in my creative writing.