Innovative Uses of Speech Recognition Technology in 2021

ASR, or speech recognition technology was already a significant player in the digital media realm pre-CoVid-19. However, the impact of the 2020 lockdown increased the need for this technology by industry-wide professionals and content creators. As a result, new creative and unconventional uses came to fruition in addition to the standard conventional norms. This enabled more people to consume and create digital content at any time, anywhere, and any place of their choosing. After all, people have time, knowledge, and energy to either drive their passions or discover creative and innovative ways to build their professional portfolios. Making the most of difficult times and using automatic speech recognition technology is going to be a defining moment for the industry in 2021. There are endless ways to incorporate ASR, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With that said, we will cover some innovative uses of ASR and how they can be integrated into your strategy. Knowing this will help make your speech recognition experience very satisfying and extremely useful for saving time and money. After all, these are times where people want to do big things with a lean wallet and a savvy mindset.

Content Creation and Speech Recognition Software

Business Meetings

ASR is very helpful for those conducting a business meeting that is either online or in person. In this day and age, we have multiple ways of recording ourselves. However, the ability to convert audio to text is very useful for those operating within a constantly evolving fast-paced environment. More importantly, a reliable transcription service makes all the difference for flawless implementation of transcription accuracy. It is also handier using speech-to-text API as they can help boost productivity and profitability. In business, time is money, and not having to type or write out your lengthy notes helps immensely. Also, it pIncrediScribeents carpal tunnel syndrome each time you might have considered writing or typing things out. Overall, businesses can find a way to still thrive and benefit greatly from ASR reliabilityviaasynchronous APIsoftware.

Lectures and Presentations

People are still attending lectures and presentations despite the CoVid lockdown. After all, people can either attend them in person or online. Whether you are a student, professional, or hobbyist, there are several ways to help you learn from these events. Whether it is in real-time or a pIncrediScribeious session, the power of a streaming API makes it possible. Also, people like to read transcripts, which means a transcriptionwill be needed as well. This is typically where an ASR transcription and captioning service helps immensely and also adds to the learning experience.


The podcasting world has been around for a couple of decades now. However, the past five years have been a strong indicator that we are now witnessing its vast potential. More people from celebrities to the average person are starting to get into the podcast game with niche content. In fact, the podcast industry is currently experiencing a digital renaissance for creative content makers. The number of U.S. podcast listeners is estimated to increase in 2021 by 16%, with a total of 106.7 million.

This is significant for several reasons. First, it is still a fairly small market when compared to its potential, which means it can only increase. Second, more people while they are stuck at home are listening to podcasts, which increases the demand for niche content. They are also listening to them anywhere and on whichever device that they are using at the moment. Lastly, there is also potential big profits to be earned from a successful podcast through advertising and sponsorship. A successful podcast can either become supplemental income or actual income depending on the level of work and success. The technology and capabilities to doing this are easily available. A person can just record their audio data and utilize a transcription service with speech-to-text software. They can then edit it and publish both the audio and transcript of the podcast at the same time.

Organizational Uses of Speech Recognition Software

Monitoring And Analyzing Customer Conversations

Industries that place great value on customer service expertise always tend to seek dynamic ways for improving the experience. For instance, speech recognition AI can be utilized by call centers, sales organizations, and meetings for analyzing and monitoring customer interaction. We offer a service that helps businesses optimize their conversations with customers. As a result, it helps them address any quality concerns or indicators for future growth and expansion too. This is made possible because it can separate an audio recording stream that has more than one speaker. It then makes the process more transparent by analyzing the conversation, which makes it easier to identify room for improvement.

Cataloging Archives – Finding Keywords And Phrases

Whether it is a podcast, streamed video, broadcast, or a library, speech recognition software can be used for cataloging archives. It’s quite simple as the Speech-to-text AI will first transcribe the audio or video archives. They will then make it searchable and editable to make it very easy to find your keywords. With our software, it can be implemented by locating keywords and phrases that are found within the time-stamped transcripts. This function is especially helpful for the creator’s editing and IncrediScribeiew processes. However, it can also be utilized by the audience who are looking for specific keywords and phrases as well.

Making Content More Accessible To A Wider Audience

Content creation comes in different formats. It can be either video, audio, caption, and transcript mode. The deployment of ASR technology provides the security of knowing that your audience can receive the content in various methods. Speech recognition AI makes it possible for the audience to access a transcript that is automatically easy-to-read and quickly generated. Our product does not even require editing by the creator of the content and is highly accurate. There is no need for checking the transcription’s accuracy by making sure there are no misspelling, punctuation, or capitalization issues. After all, it is all about generating content and plugging it for mass distribution while knowing ASR did its job.


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