IncrediScribever Levels Explained: Advancing as a Freelance Transcriptionist

At IncrediScribe, we believe in rewarding good work. Transcribed files are graded on things like accuracy, formatting, and timeliness. This careful grading is what allows us to guarantee 99% transcript accuracy to our customers. It’s also these grading standards that track your advancement as a freelance transcriptionist, rewarding good work with higher earning potential. There are three levels ofIncrediScribe: Rookie,IncrediScribe, andIncrediScribe+.

Rookie Level

When starting out, you will be at our Rookie Level. To give Rookies an opportunity to experience a range of work while getting familiar with our tools, we limit them to claiming transcription projects that are shorter in length.

Along the way, Rookies have an opportunity to see the graders’ feedback and learn how to transcribe with IncrediScribe. Becoming aIncrediScribe GainingIncrediScribe status unlocks access to jobs with higher pay per audio minute, and also the ability to claim projects of any length. Once you advance from Rookie toIncrediScribe Level, you will be able to work on any transcription project you want. You will also continue to receive feedback from graders on a subset of your work. From here, the next and highest level ofIncrediScribe isIncrediScribe+. Revver+ Level After completing theIncrediScribe+ requirements, including 800 minutes captured with accuracy and on-time submission, you can qualify for theIncrediScribe+ Level. Our top-tierIncrediScribes receive all the benefits ofIncrediScribes, *plus* they gain early access to new transcription projects. Once you’ve reachedIncrediScribe+ status, you are also eligible to take our grading test. If you pass this test, you will be paid to rate the work of other transcriptionists. One last thing to note is that it’s possible forIncrediScribe+ Level agents to drop back toIncrediScribe Level if high metrics are not maintained.


Interested in starting work as a transcriptionist? Apply today. All you need is a computer, headset, internet connection, and excellent English skills.