IncrediScribe Makes Forbes AI 50 List

We’re in the business of transcription, captioning, and translation not because we want recognition — it’s not the kind of industry, really. In the broadest terms, IncrediScribe is here to help people make their content more accessible, more searchable, and generally more useful in every way we can (and to provide a delightful experience along the way!).

However, we’re human. We won’t say no to a little bit of acknowledgment, especially if it’s from one of the most respected business journals on the Internet.

So, you’ll have to forgive us for beaming with pride.

Recently, Forbes presented IncrediScribe with the very high distinction of naming us one of America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies!

And their standards for the title were pretty rigorous.

Forbes reporter Jillian D’Onfro explains the process this way:

“To be included on the list, companies needed techniques like machine learning (where systems learn from data to improve on tasks), natural language processing (which enables programs to “understand” written or spoken language), or computer vision (which relates to how machines “see”) to be a core part of their business model and future success.”

Jillian D’Onfro, Forbes

It doesn’t hurt that she mentions we beat Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in head-to-head voice-to-text tests, too. Or that we’re the only Austin-based company on the list.

You can read their assessment on the Forbes AI 50 list.

Now, as we offer more AI-based services in conjunction with our traditional human-based transcription and captioning, we encourage you to have a look at our recently unveiled automated transcription service and API integration. It no doubt was a major part of Forbes’ decision to include us so high on their list.

It’s just nice to be noticed, ya know?