How To Translate Subtitles On Zoom

In recent years, the world has become more accustomed to video calls and meetings. Microsoft Teams and Zoom are mainstays of most work-at-home ventures these days. But what happens if you need to speak to someone from a different country or someone who speaks a different language? What if you want to hold a Zoom webinar with a broad audience who speaks various languages? Luckily, Zoom has recently made this possible with translated live captions and subtitles. You now have the choice to allow transcribed subtitles on your Zoom meetings in real time or to document videos with Zoom and share them later with live captions.

Enable Captions in a Meeting

Translating captions to other languages in real-time on Zoom enables users to have the speech in their preferred languages. For example, you can translate the speaker’s words into Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Ukrainian, etc.

Before the meeting commences, the organizer sets the live session to the available languages. Also, the attendees can allow captions and choose their preferred languages. We will look at how to use IncrediScribe as a third-party tool to produce translated captions in Zoom. Go to the IncrediScribe translation service and sign up for an account or log in if you already have an existing profile. Change the settings to translate the spoken words into the languages you want.

Next is to join the meeting. You can either be a speaker or a participant, depending on your function.

As the organizer, you want to allow the subtitles on Zoom. Open the Zoom website or app. When it opens, scroll to “Settings” and tick on it.

Once you’re in “In Meeting (Advanced),” find the “Translated Captions” choice and tick the toggle to permit it. Enable “Closed Captioning” while doing this.

Sometimes, a dialog box will pop up, so if it does, tick “Enable” to verify your choice.

Next, tick the “Edit Translation Languages” button and choose the languages available in the meeting.

If you want to keep other users on your profile from being able to change this setting, tick the icon that looks like a lock and tick the word “Lock” to confirm.