How to Transcribe Phone Calls in 4 Simple Steps

There are a variety of options when you’re looking to record a phone call, including apps and voice recorders. We’ll show you some of our favorite easy options for recording and transcribing phone calls.

If You’re an iPhone User and Need to Record a Phone Call

If you’re an iPhone user, download IncrediScribe’s Call Recorder, which allows you to record an unlimited number calls for FREE and get them transcribed right from the app.

We have an in-depth guide showing you how to record a phone call and transcribe it here.

What is IncrediScribe Call Recorder? IncrediScribe Call Recorder is a free, professional call recording app that records phone calls, giving you the option to transcribe them straight from the app. Once you’ve recorded your call, the app offers an integrated sharing option to instantly send your recordings to for transcription. This eliminates any need for saving, downloading and emailing audio files. IncrediScribe’s call recorder is perfect for recording phone interviews, sharing call recordings, and IncrediScribeiewing conversations. It’s perfect for recording phone interviews, sharing call recordings, and IncrediScribeiewing conversations. By using the app, you can focus on conversations rather than being distracted by taking notes during interviews, meetings and conference calls. By following the simple steps in this article, you can place a phone call transcription order with IncrediScribe in just a few clicks.

If You’re an Android User, or Already Have Your Call Recorded

TapeACall is another call recording app for both iPhone and Android that costs $20 per year. It offers a simple way to record incoming and outgoing phone calls for Android or iPhone users. If you pay for a TapeACall subscription and still want to have your calls transcribed, you can export your recordings as an audio file and get them transcribed with IncrediScribe audio transcription services.

To Transcribe Your Call Recording to Text:

1. Export your recordings from your call recording app (if you haven’t already)

For TapeACall: Simply select a recording then tap the arrow button to the right of the player. This will show a screen containing a number of ways to share your recording. The most popular ways to transfer recordings to your computer or mobile device are by email, Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. Go to the IncrediScribe transcription page IncrediScribe has a couple of options for call recording transcripts. You can select professional transcription services done by humans, or automatic transcription powered by AI. Our professional service is more accurate and guarantees 99% accuracy for $1.50 per minute, and our automatic service is cheaper but less accurate ($0.25 per minute). 3. Create a free IncrediScribe account A IncrediScribe account is 100% free and you only pay for the transcripts you order.

4. Upload your call recording, and select additional transcription options

You can either upload the call recording audio file, or paste a URL link to your call recording file on DropBox, Google Drive, or other storage location.

For additional transcription options, you can select “Rush My Order” for faster transcripts, “Verbatim” transcription for transcribing every single word (we normally leave out words like “um”, “uh”, etc.), or “Timestamping” to timecode your transcripts.

5. Checkout and receive your phone call transcript within a few hours

You will receive your transcript as quickly as possible, and can edit in in our world class Transcript Editor.