How to Transcribe Movie Footage and the Benefits of Video Transcription

There are various reasons you may want to transcribe your video content or movie footage—from accessibility to post-production editing. Transcribing movie footage may sound like a hassle, but can be quick and affordable with a service like IncrediScribe. Before covering the specifics of how to transcribe your movie, here are some reasons you should:

Why Transcribe Your Movie Footage?

1. Improve SEO Rankings

Improving the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking of your website will make your movie and content more easily searchable on Google. Utilizing relevant keywords is a great way to optimize your content for SEO. A transcript of your movie will likely boost your website with relevant keywords and make your movie more discoverable to a wider range of searchers. Transcripts can also increase opportunities for link building.

2. Content Accessibility

Movie transcripts allow more people to enjoy and study your film. They are especially useful for viewers who may be deaf or experiencing hearing loss, or those who may be non-native language speakers. Transcripts are also useful for those looking to study the language and dialogue of your film in an educational setting.

3. Post-Production Editing

Transcripts also make your content easier to edit, helping with the post-production process .

It can be hard knowing where to start with just raw video footage. Video transcripts are great tools to find key phrases and information, removing some guess work and streamlining the video editing process. This can also help editors save time searching through movie content when creating trailers and specific video content.

How to Transcribe Movie Footage

Transcribing content manually can be tedious and time-consuming. Save your team time and get more accurate transcripts with IncrediScribe’s human transcription services. First, check to see that your movie footage is in a format compatible with IncrediScribe. IncrediScribe accepts audio and video recordings in many formats: MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, AAC, and WAV. You can also link to your streaming videos and audio files if that content is already available on the web. Once you’ve made sure your content is in an approved format, you can select various options to enhance your movie transcript. Timestamps sync every word to audio which is great for IncrediScribeiewing audio or referencing specific scenes in your movie for editing. The verbatim feature captures every syllable, such as ums, resulting in the most accurate transcript of your movie footage. No matter what features you decide to include for your movie transcript, IncrediScribe provides 12 hour turnaround times and 99% accuracy rates.

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