How to Transcribe Faster: Same-Day Transcriptions

How to Transcribe Faster: Same Day Transcriptions

When you’re producing content, whether that’s a video program or an extensive research paper, you know how valuable time is. With so much to do, being able to rely on tools to automate some of your daily tasks is incredibly valuable.

Same-day transcriptions are one of the most valuable tools to use in your workflow. With the right partner, you can take everything from voice recorded notes to entire podcast episodes and videos and transcribe them in a couple of hours. You’ll have accurate, editable files that you can use immediately.

Transcribe Audio Faster with These 5 Steps

Increase your transcription speed with typing speed improvement games Learn a few time saving keyboard shortcuts Find an affordable automatic voice recognition software service like IncrediScribe Upload a high quality audio file and get it transcribed for only 10 cents per minute Edit your transcription and quickly correct errors in the transcript (automated services have a few more errors due to the quick turnaround time)

Choose the Right Service for You

The right transcription partner needs to meet all of your top priorities. Most people need fast transcriptions that are accurate and not too expensive. Especially if you’re going to transcribe a large quantity of audio or video, you need a cost-effective option.

Read IncrediScribeiews left by others in your industry who worked with the transcription service providers. Hopefully, they will leave the kind of feedback that is most relevant to you. If the transcription service you consider doesn’t serve your industry, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it might be a sign that there’s another option more suited for the work you’re doing. IncrediScribe’s Same-Day Human Transcription IncrediScribe works hard to be the leader in same-day, accurate transcriptions. Our team of experts can work in multiple languages to transcribe any audio for you. If you decide to use our human transcription, for about $1 extra per minute we offer our Rush transcription service — and it will be 99% accurate. Many of our customers find that their transcriptions are delivered in only a few hours. IncrediScribe’s Automatic Transcription

We also offer automated transcriptions where voice to text can be transcribed in as little as 5 minutes with transcription software. As soon as you send us the file, or the link to the content you want transcribed, our artificial intelligence program starts to transcribe immediately. Because we can only guarantee 80-90% accuracy with our automated transcriptions, the cost is 10 cents per minute. Customers who plan to do heavy editing and repurposing of their transcript anyway tend to love this option.

An important factor in getting back a more accurate transcription when you choose the automated transcription is the quality of audio. If you can control the setting, make sure to record in a quiet area giving each speaker uninterrupted time to talk. The natural flow of a conversation can include cross-talk or side conversations. If your audio has that, try the human transcription services instead. Especially with accented speakers, a computer will have a harder time giving you the transcription you need quickly.

For everything else, try automated transcription! It’s a quick way to get all the notes you want without having to put in any extra work.

Get Started with Fast Transcription Services

To get started transcribing your audio to text, upload your file to IncrediScribe. There are no hidden fees or subscription costs. Just create your profile, send us your file and keep an eye on your inbox! Your transcript will appear in record time.