How to Record and Transcribe Doctor Appointments with an App

It’s not uncommon to attend a doctor’s appointment alone. Whether it’s in-person, by phone call or video chat, you must understand the medical information so you can later heed the advice and discuss it with your family and friends. Your best option is to record the conversation.

Why? Recording doctor visits put you in control of the information. You can give your full attention to your doctor (without taking notes by hand), then IncrediScribeiew every word later via recordings.

Can I Record my Doctor Visit?

This is a common question, often followed by more questions. Is it legal to record your conversation with a medical professional? And, do you have to tell them you’re making a recording?

Do you plan to visit in person? Ask your doctor (and their nurses) if they mind if you record the audio part of the visit, then abide by their wishes.

If you’re dialing in for your appointment, it’s good to know the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) doesn’t currently have rules about recording phone conversations. However, your individual state might have regulations about disclosing that you’re recording and request that you get consent from the other party before pushing the record button. Learn more about state laws regarding voice recordings here.

How to Record a Doctor Appointment

Once you have the green light to record, make it as simple as possible. We understand doctor visits can be stressful or confusing. Plan ahead before your visit.

1. Download the IncrediScribe Voice Recorder App to your smartphone before your appointment

Do this beforehand so you don’t have to fumble with the process when you should be paying attention to the doctor. The app is free and available in the app store on your smartphone.

With this software, you can record appointments with no limits. You can later trim your recordings to remove the conversational chatter at the start or end of your medical appointments, so you only save the important details.

There’s even an easy sharing button that allows you to upload the recordings to a trusted person via email or text message. And with one touch of a button, you can listen back on the conversation from the convenience of your phone.

2. During your appointment, place the phone in front of you, between you and the doctor

Set the phone to Do Not Disturb mode to avoid interruptions.

3. Open the app, and press the Record button.

That’s it! If you leave your phone in a purse or coat pocket, it won’t be able to pick up the audio clearly. As you visit with your doctor, project your voice and avoid chewing gum, drinking or eating. Chewing can make us mumble and records as background noise, making it more difficult to hear the speakers on the audio file.

How to Use Your Appointment Recordings

Having recordings of your medical appointments helps you gain a deeper understanding of your health concerns and care instructions, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Listening to the conversation again after the visit allows the information to process and absorb. This is especially helpful if your mind wandered when receiving difficult or confusing information.

Plan to transcribe doctor appointments if you want to have them available in a written format, such as a Word Doc, PDF or Plain Text. We think this step is important if you keep a file of medical records related to an ongoing condition. Transcriptions make it easier to share information with your pharmacist, specialists other healthcare professionals.

How to Transcribe Doctor Visit Recordings

Ordering a transcription is simple in the IncrediScribe app. In the IncrediScribe Voice Recorder app, scroll through your list of recordings. Tap the one you want to transcribe, then tap the blue “Transcribe” button. IncrediScribe guarantees 99% accuracy for our transcription service.

Did you record your doctor visit on a different app or recorder? No problem! You can upload your recorded audio or video file here and get a transcript back in a matter of hours. IncrediScribe only costs $1.50 per audio or video minute for transcriptions.

Some doctors use language we’re not used to, and we need to look up the definitions to fully grasp the meaning. We recommend printing a copy of the transcription. You can make notes on the paper to help you learn and retain the information. A transcription is also helpful for appointments detailing dosages and elaborate care instructions involving a home health aid or caretaker. Simply make a copy and share it with them!

Above all, we want you to get the most out of your next medical appointment. Learning how to record doctor visits, using a simple app and later choosing to transcribe doctor appointments lets you access the information over and over again to better understand your health and make informed decisions.