How to make your job posting more attractive, accessible, and effective with subtitles

Do you wish to increase the awareness of your company and hire valuable employees? To achieve the maximum impact, you can make promo-ad videos – it is a dynamic and amusing way of presentation. Besides, using subtitles is the best way to draw the attention of viewers. Many big companies now use subtitles in their promo videos. And there are several reasons for that. Let’s have a look at the benefits one can gain from using subtitles.

Note that, in this blog post, subtitles mean both “subtitles” and “captions”.

Why do subtitles work?

Subtitles are convenient for both users and hosts of the video. They are user-friendly and help gain more audience. As a result, viewers become more interested in the content, in the company itself and potentially browse for its job vacancies.

IncrediScribe’s Subtitle Generator can automatically generate subtitles to videos or it can be used in combination with a professional subtitle editor, who ensures that the subtitles are 99% correct.

The product is designed to help people get access to content that, due to language barrier or situational inconveniences, is inaccessible or difficult to perceive. It makes videos more understandable, serves to summarize the speech, and displays keywords that draw attention to your company.

Within a few clicks, you will receive subtitles for your videos. When the editing stage is finished, you can download subtitles in a separate file or hardcode them directly on your video. Here is a quick tutorial on how to embed subtitles in your video, so you have no chance to get puzzled.