How to Effectively Use Subtitles for Employee Training Videos

In 2023, the world of work has long moved on from the days when managers had to physically round up employees and herd them into a hall for in-person training sessions. Now, each member of your team can access necessary developmental resources digitally and at their convenience thanks to video conferencing and enterprise video software.

However, 41% of respondents in CIPD’s Learning at Work survey cited a lack of engagement as one of the issues with workplace learning & development. This suggests that it’s not enough to create employee training videos—you must also make them immersive, accessible, and inclusive for all.

This is where subtitles can come in helpful. Subtitles in employee training videos can significantly improve the content’s engagement value and the wider teaching experience.

Here, we’ll explore how to use subtitles to help your team get the best out of every video learning opportunity.