How Captions and Transcripts Boost Engagement with Videos

Creating engaging video content isn’t just for big brands anymore.

Now that almost everyone carries a smartphone with them 24/7, it’s easier than ever to record a video and share it online. But, with so many videos uploaded every day, you may not be getting the engagement you want on your video content.

So, what’s the secret to more views and engagement on your videos? You might be surprised to learn that captions and transcripts can transform how people interact with your video content.

Here’s how captions and transcripts captivate your audience and boost your content’s performance.

How Does Adding Captions to Your Videos Improve Engagement?

If you’ve noticed that your video metrics are low, it might not have anything to do with your content.

We’re all aware that scrolling is common on the internet these days. Initially, that’s part of why video content became so popular: because the sound of the video stopped you from scrolling and grabbed your attention.

But a 2016 study from Facebook discovered that 85 percent of people watched Facebook videos without sound. Furthermore, Verizon Media and Publicis Media conducted a study that found 80 percent of people who use captions don’t have a hearing impairment.

People simply like captions. According to Verizon and Publicis, 50 percent of their respondents believed captions are important since they often watch videos with no audio, whether that’s on a desktop or mobile device.

Hooking your viewer’s attention early is the name of the game for video content, whether it’s a webinar, a virtual conference, or a social media post. That’s where captions can help.

Captions improve engagement and extend video view time for a few key reasons:

  1. Your target audience can watch videos anywhere without turning sound on.
  2. Your video content becomes accessible to new audiences, like those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
  3. Moving captions can keep your viewers’ attention and stop them from scrolling elsewhere.

But longer video viewing isn’t the only benefit of adding captions. Landing page solution company Instapage found that captions improved a video’s reach by 16 percent and led to a 26 percent higher clickthrough rate on calls to action.

Using closed captions can even make your video easier to find! Discovery Digital Networks saw that captions on YouTube videos are indexed for search. That means your video can appear in YouTube search results even for a term that isn’t in your title or description. Plus, you can add your transcriptions to YouTube, too.

Automated transcription and machine-generated video captions can attract viewers on a live social media video or live events. For a pre-recorded video, human-generated captions can offer a high-quality viewing experience for your target audience.

Does My Video Content Need a Transcript?

Many people see the value of adding captions to videos, but they overlook the value of transcript! In short, yes. Odds are you’ll want a transcript.

Getting transcripts of all your video content can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

Many experts offer nuggets of wisdom during a video, but listening to all those videos to find the gold can be time-consuming. Transcription helps you find the best parts and expand them into brand new content. Not everyone likes to watch videos, so having a written format can make your video content even more accessible.

One great way to use video transcripts is to create a blog post on your website. You can attract more traffic to your website when you embed a video and add the transcript as your blog content. Our transcription services deliver flawless transcripts you can easily add to any webpage.

Wistia found that video content increased search engine click-throughs by 10.6 percent. There’s also evidence that adding a thumbnail image can drive even more people to your site.

Creating Video People Want to Watch

Both marketers and independent creators want to get as many views as possible. But, creators often forget that they need to think of their target audience’s needs first.

People watch videos when the content is engaging, accessible, and easy to consume. That’s exactly what captions and transcripts do.

Adding captions and transcripts goes beyond boosting engagement. It actually improves the user’s video viewing experience, too.

University of Iowa researchers found that captions helped viewers retain more information. Captions can also help viewers with shorter attention spans focus and enjoy your content. By combining a visual aspect with your video’s audio track, you can create even more memorable content.

But, many video creators don’t realize how important captions and transcripts can be for people with disabilities, too.

Video accessibility is a must on both your website and social media. It’s especially important for webinars and other video content streamed live. Captions and transcripts are an easy solution to maximize inclusivity.

It’s vital to show that you care about your audience by making your videos as accessible as possible. If you’re not sure where to start, our video accessibility playbook can help you get started.

Make Your Online Videos Better

Now that you know what you’re missing out on, there’s no reason to tolerate low video engagement.

Transcribing and adding captions to your videos are important steps in any marketing strategy. Are they part of yours?

IncrediScribe can help. As the leading captions and transcriptions provider, we know how important it is to have accurate content. Let us help you make your next course, live online event, or video series even more impactful with our caption and transcription services.