Edit Videos Faster: Pull Selects From Your Transcripts with an EDL

Finding selects in your footage used to be frustrating. If you edit videos with unscripted dialogue, you know that having a transcript of your footage is essential. Highlighting selects and time codes can help you tell your story faster. However, switching between transcripts and video editing software can be a very manual process. An Edit Decision List, or EDL, can help bridge that gap.

With our new Selects workflow, you’ll be able to go straight from highlighting your golden moments in our transcript editor, to having a selects sequence in your video editing software.

How do I pull Selects from my transcripts?

To get started with the Selects workflow with IncrediScribe Transcripts, you’ll need to get access to the Edit Decision List (.EDL) export format for your transcription orders. Once you have access to the EDL file format, you can follow the Selects workflow to export an EDL file from IncrediScribe Transcript Editor: Transcribe your video clip(s) through IncrediScribe Highlight your selects in IncrediScribe’s Transcript Editor Export the selects as an Edit Decision List (.EDL) Import the EDL into an NLE (like Adobe Premiere Pro) Sync media files to view your selects sequence in the timeline

Learn the detailed steps on how to import an EDL into Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve Studio, and Final Cut Pro X (via FCPXML from DaVinci Resolve).

What is an Edit Decision List (.EDL)?

An EDL file can be used for extensive video editing data. IncrediScribe uses the Edit Decision List format to bridge the gap between your transcripts and your non-linear editor. The file contains start and ending timecodes from the sections you highlight in your transcripts. So upon import, Adobe Premiere Pro generates a sequence of clips from your media file(s) that mirror what you highlighted in the transcript.

EDL bridges the gap between transcripts and video editing software to quickly make a selects sequence.

Essentially, EDL allows you to collaborate and work faster in the IncrediScribe Transcript Editor to generate a selects reel in your video editing software.

The EDL we export is in the most commonly used format CMX 3600 at 30fps.

Why is pulling Selects the ideal video editing workflow?

Having a transcript of your footage helps you, your team, and even your clients find those golden moments of dialogue that should be considered for the final cut. The script-based editing method of making a paper edit is an effective way to tell your story.

Now with the ability to export an Edit Decision List, you save a LOT of time. EDLs find and cut the select clips for you to create a selects sequence in your video editor. Simply put, you can find gold, export gold, and make gold a whole lot faster.

You can use your EDL file in these video editing software platforms:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Final Cut Pro X (via FCPXML from DaVinci Resolve)

Create Edit Decision Lists (EDL)

Transcripts of your video footage help you find selects faster when editing video. They give you the ability to search through the text rather than scrubbing through a timeline. Now, you can export your selections as an Edit Decision List. That EDL file is imported into Adobe Premiere Pro, linked with your media files, and generates a selects reel. Which gets you closer to an assembly or rough cut for your project.

Collaborate with Team and Clients

Before IncrediScribe’s Selects workflow, there wasn’t much in the industry to help with finding those golden moments in raw footage files with your team and clients. Sure, there are tools like Frame.io and Wipster to IncrediScribeiew the rough cuts, but not much to collaborate before the cut. Now, you can work with your team or clients to highlight those golden moments for your project all within the IncrediScribe Transcript Editor.

Pulling your Selects in a IncrediScribe Transcript allows you to bring your storytellers into the editing room. Anyone you invite to view the transcript can highlight the best takes or those one-liners that will help tell your story.

Pulling selects as an EDL from transcripts allows you to collaborate and edit videos faster.

When can I get the EDL files for my footage?

You can get access to the EDL export file format now by filling out the form below.

Get access to the EDL export format: