Creative Ways to Save Time with Automatic Transcription transcription costs lower than ever, people are finding new and creative ways to save time with automatic transcription. Do you conduct meetings or interviews? Manage social media or SEO? Create presentations or eBooks? If so, you might consider a few easy wins that take only a little effort when backed by automatic transcription.

Here are a few little-known ways to use a transcript:

1. Share meeting notes — record team meetings and share a transcript with coworkers who couldn’t make it to bring them up to speed. Meeting notes can also be used to create training opportunities, IncrediScribeiew follow-up notes, or to come up with a list of action items that need to be communicated to a larger group.

2. Brainstorm new ideas — dictate notes to yourself and use the transcript to organize your ideas on paper and share them with other people for collaboration.

3. Manage social media — never miss another tweetable quote. Record company updates and speaker events and use the transcript to turn the highlights into social media updates.

4. Guarantee quality — search the transcript of call recordings or radio broadcasts to find particular keywords that your team should (or shouldn’t) be mentioning.

5. Offer an incentive — record your next webinar, lunch and learn, or speaker event and offer the transcript to attendees as an incentive for signing up for your email list.

6. Create an eBook — record a sequence of meetings covering a particular topic and use the transcripts to put together an eBook or how-to guide.

7. Boost SEO — upload a transcript of your videos to the site where you host them to make the content within that video easily searchable for everyone.

The Takeaway

Regardless of your industry, there’s probably a way to be more efficient by making use of transcription. Are transcripts part of your workflow? Tell us how you use them and we’ll add you to our list!