Convert Audio to Text: 3 Easy Methods for SaaS Companies

Converting audio to text has become incredibly easy with many tools at our disposal. However, deciding which method to use can be overwhelming with so many options. In this blog post, we’re focusing on simplifying this process.

We’ve narrowed it down to three of the easiest and most effective methods for converting sound to text, tailored specifically for SaaS companies. Whether you’re dealing with podcasts, meetings, or any other audio content, we’ve got you covered with straightforward, efficient solutions.

Situations when you need to convert sound to text

There are many use cases where SaaS companies need to convert audio files into text. The most common ones, especially in fast-growing companies, are:

Content creation

Repurposing audio files into written content is a smart and efficient way to publish new content and reach new audiences. Take the podcast, for example. Each episode is brimming with insightful discussions, industry trends, or expert interviews.

By converting these audio files into text, these rich conversations can be transformed into engaging blog posts. It also broadens the reach of the original content to those who prefer reading over listening and enhances your website’s SEO. Video production

Videos, whether live streams, webinars, explainer videos, or interviews, are goldmines for content repurposing. Transcribing the same material can become informative lead magnets, detailed LinkedIn articles, or even social media posts. This approach extends the lifespan and reach of your video content far beyond its original format.