Best Six Text to Speech Converters That Are Going To Change Your Life

What Are Text to Speech Converters?

The examples of text to speech conversion are almost always present in our day to day lives. When we read something aloud, those written words are translated into speech even though we don’t tend to think about it in detail.

However, computers don’t have it that easy. Text to speech generators uses the method of speech synthesis in order to artificially mimic human action. They do sound noticeably more robotic, the technology is improving and becoming more human-like.

Even though they do the conversion of text to speech online. To get the best results, it’s important to learn how to choose the best text to speech app.

Different Implementations

Nowadays, most smartphones and other gadgets come with built-in text to speech voices. Besides these native implementations, there are custom-made services from some of the biggest companies such as Google. Depending on the target audience, their respective perks and features can be quite different.

Benefits of Text to Voice Conversion

The largest advantage of these converters is related to the increased accessibility for the visually impaired. Instead of having to further strain their eyes, these people can use the dedicated software to read out wanted information from the screen.

Another massive benefit is that people can consume written content. Such as blog posts and articles, and it can occur in a distraction-free style even while they’re on-the-go. It’s also a very efficient way to read books, especially for people who are struggling to find enough time for this activity.

For those who are suffering from learning disabilities such as dyslexia, the speech generator can be a lifesaver. By converting things such as school literature, anyone can learn without being at a disadvantage.

Today, there are dozens of different text readers and it can be difficult to pick just one. The following six are some of the best text to speech utilities that are also fully web-based.

Top Six Text to Speech Generators

1. Panopreter TTS

This is one of the best text to speech software on Windows-based system,

it reads any text aloud with natural voices and converts it to audio


Supports a wide variety of languages and voices, supports batch file

conversion. There are pretty many options for users to tweak the

speech and the audio files to be created.

Best of all, with a few clicks on the mouse button, you can convert

multiple files of different file formats to mp3 audio files.

2. NaturalReaders

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern app with an attractive yet simple interface, NaturalReaders is what you need. It’s a text to speech online tool that’s fully implemented on a website.

The user can either input the text or upload a file. And the built-in text reader has a few buttons for font size modification, as well as a dyslexic font toggle. The software has both online and downloadable versions, as well as free and premium pricing plans.

3. Google Text to Speech

Developed by one of the most powerful technology companies, this particular text to voice converter uses an API that features AI elements. There are over 200 text to speech voices in more than 40 languages.

It combines DeepMind speech synthesis and Google’s neural networks. Google Text To Speech online tool gives users the ability to create their own voice profile by training it through various audio recordings.

Depending on the variation that you choose, this text to voice tool can convert either one million or four million characters per month, for free. It’s widely considered to be the best text to speech tool out there, mostly due to its innovative nature.

4. TTSReader

Similar to the first entry, TTSReader converts text to speech online, but it has apps for both iOS and Android as well. There are three different voices to choose from – male and female, in the US and UK accents.

Even though it’s primarily a free text to voice utility, TTSReader requires a commercial license for use within for-profit organizations. This text reader comes with speed modifiers, the ability to write down the text, or upload a complete file for conversion.

5. Nuance TTS

For those who need an app to do the job immediately, Nuance’s TTS might be the best text to speech tool out there. This text to voice converter has 119 different voices in languages from English and Spanish, to Arabic and Hindi.

The AI-optimized text processing and a dedicated API make Nuance one of the most versatile text to speech generators. Its vocalizer feature takes advantage of neural networks to improve and create lifelike voices.

6. Oddcast TTS

This text to speech online tool is quite different from the rest. Mainly due to its interface that displays an animated person speaking the entered text.

Oddcast TTS has three different categories for these text to speech voices.

It is adult, children, and miscellaneous, as well as over a dozen languages. In addition, the text to voice tool features eight different effects with modifiable levels.

How Is Automatic Transcription Relevant

The preceding six best text to speech tools were brought to you by IncrediScribe, an AI-based automated transcription service with clean verbatim.

Using a text to speech generator implies having a written document beforehand, or typing out the text yourself. This can be very time-consuming.

And if you have an audio recording instead, a transcription service can do it in just a fraction of the time without the need for human interaction.

IncrediScribe in particular is over 200 times faster than any other utility while remaining cost-efficient.

It even has a built-in text editor where you can make any modifications before exporting it. This way, your chosen text reader will perform much better later on.

What’s The Point?

Audio recordings are notorious for having background noises, long pauses, and other elements that ruin the flow. After you transcribe it with IncrediScribe, you can use your chosen best text to speech converter to eliminate all those annoying, distracting parts.

Also, recordings are limited to the voice of the speaker. A text to voice tool has both male and female options, with different accents and modifications available. There are many different use cases – it simply depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want to get the most out of your text to speech online tools, it’s time to start implementing IncrediScribe. It has a free 30-minute trial that requires only a simple email and password registration. Take advantage of it today, and see why transcription and text to voice are some of the best combinations out there.

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