Best Call Transcription Software

Call transcription software allows you to record, transcribe, and save customer or conference call conversations while they are happening. In this article, we’ll cover the best call transcription software tools.

What is Call Transcription?

The process of turning your voice calls into text format is called call transcription. There is call transcription software available to assist you with this process.

This procedure is also known as speech recognition software . You can now read the call, search for a specific word, and create tons of insights to better coach your agents.

What are the Benefits of Call Transcription Software?

Here are five reasons why call transcriptions are useful:

Makes Audio Searchable

When you transcribe a conversation into written text, you can quickly scan for and tag specific words and phrases.

Keep track of all customer-to-rep interactions

A transcription, like a call recording, is a record of your conversation that you can keep for as long as you want and refer to whenever you need it.

Use transcriptions for training purposes

Transcriptions can be shared among reps and throughout the onboarding process for new hires.

Compliance and legal purposes

Although it is not likely that you will be required to provide call transcriptions and/or recordings in a legal situation, it is better to be prepared when it comes to the security and health of your business.

Improve accessibility

When you keep written texts of your calls, you make them available to everyone, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

In Which Cases Call Transcripts Used?

Customer Service

Audio transcription software can be used to create written records of customer service calls for future analysis. This can be useful for tracking customer complaints, finding trends or issues, and improving overall customer happiness.

Market Research

Researchers can use automated transcription to transcribe phone interviews or focus groups, allowing them to easily analyze the results.

Legal Proceeding

For reference or evidence, an automatic transcription service creates written records of court cases.


Call transcription is used in the medical sector to transcribe phone calls or video appointments with healthcare workers. This lets patients review the content of their appointment or share it with other healthcare professionals.

Best Call Transcription Software

Here is the list of best call transcription tools for transcribing audio/video files into high-quality text format:

1. FireFlies is AI-powered meeting transcription software. It enables businesses to record and live transcribe using voice recognition technology.

You can tag key points in the voice call, leave comments in the text document, and scan for words after transcribing audio with analytics.

Use case:

  • Transcription of meetings
  • Annotation of transcription
  • Creating notes at various junctures

Supported Languages: English

2. Otter is used by schools to transcribe meetings and classes and create text files.

This audio transcription software provides audio transcription and creates a summary that can be used in group settings. Otter can also provide subtitles for Google Meet or Zoom meetings.

Use case:

  • Call transcription for business meetings and educational institutes
  • Providing meeting notes and highlights
  • Integration with Zoom, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Google Drive providing faster workflow

Supported Languages: English


Enthu is a dictation tool. It provides transcription of up to 95% accuracy and provides clear data.

It creates insights for each agent and provides a clear understanding of agent performance on the call.

Use case:

  • Agent call monitoring
  • Sales monitoring
  • Compliance adherence
  • Agent training and coaching

Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish

4. Avoma

Avoma offers call transcription to sales teams both during and after customer meetings.

It stores them in the CRM. The tool looks at the texts and provides insights to help you shorten the sales cycle.

Use case:

  • Call transcription for sales teams
  • 7/24 Customer Support

Supported Languages: English

5. Gong

Gong provides real-time transcription for your sales teams.

Use case:

  • Call transcription for sales teams
  • Revenue intelligence
  • Integrations with major web conferencing services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Supported Languages: English

6. Chorus

Chorus, a ZoomInfo company provides transcription services for sales teams. It gives a deep analysis of each sales call to help you understand what is working for your team.

It provides reports to keep you informed about your sales team’s performance.

Use case:

  • Call transcription for sales team members
  • Revenue intelligence

Supported Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish

7. Rev

Rev is a speech-to-text tool that uses AI technology to enable teams to access transcripts and captions, and ease processes, and team communication activities.

Use case:

  • Human and automated transcription,
  • Video and live captions
  • Subtitles and Video content

Supported Languages: English

8. Trint

Trint is a popular transcription software which is perfect for journalists, media producers, authors, teachers, freelance workers, and more.

Use case:

  • Human and automated transcription,
  • Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and many other apps
  • Subtitles and Video content

Supported Languages: Transcripts in 31 languages

What is the Call Transcription Procedure?

When you know the right steps, call transcription and video transcription may not be a difficult process; read on to learn how it all works.

1. Take a call recording

The recording of the call is the first step in the transcription process. This can be done with the aid of a dedicated recording device or software.

2. Upload the audio file

After the call is recorded, the audio file must be transferred using APIs.

3. Contact a transcriber

Run the transcription process once the call has been recorded. If a human interpreter is used, he will listen to the audio and manual transcription it into written text. However, it means hours of transcription and requires more time.

4. Make quality control

Once the transcription is finished, the audio recording should be evaluated. You can use text editors to remove filler words.

How to Choose the Best Call Transcription Software?

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to select the right tools for your business.

Here are a few things to think about when picking a call transcription software:

1. Transcription accuracy

Examine the accuracy percentage provided by each tool. An ideal number of 80-90% is enough.

2. Language assistance

You should select a tool that supports the language that your teams use the most.

Most of the tools support English but there are only a few other languages.

3. Use Case

For you, a single call-to-text transcript could be just another file.

You won’t get the most out of any tool until you write down the use case for how you intend to use these transcripts.

4. A comparison of real-time and post-conversation analysis

For your business, you may require a tool that provides real-time analysis, whereas some use cases may require further analysis.

You can select the appropriate tool based on your use case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a free transcription tool available?

There are several free transcription apps available such as Descript and Temi. Transcription sometimes includes extra features that may not be free in a human-generated transcript, such as time stamps and basic speaker identification.

You can compare pricing before deciding on a tool that fits your budget.

How do I transcribe a phone call?

Use a phone call recording app or service, transcribe the recording using speech-to-text software such as Scribe or Sonix, or hire a transcription service to transcribe the call for you.