Beginners’ Guide: How To Easily Convert Video to Text Online?

Are you searching for an app and software that can convert your video to text online quickly and easily? Or maybe you are looking for a way to add transcript to youtube video? Then, you are on the right way!

Many business people, students, journalists, and YouTubers could use a video to text converter app. Or software like this to save time, speed up their transcription tasks and save money as well.

Many business people, students, journalists, and YouTubers could use a video to text converter app. Or software like this to save time, speed up their transcription tasks and save money as well. Click to Tweet

For example, if you are a journalist, transcribing your interviews to text would help you to write your story faster. And it may help you make your deadlines.

If you have a podcast, being able to convert video to text will allow you to post the text to your blog or website, and get a helpful SEO boost. If you still have no idea how to create subtitles, you may find some answers here.

Students who want to transcribe their recorded lectures to text also can benefit greatly from having a video to text converter app. Or software, as well as attorneys, medical doctors, and many others. Of course, thanks to the service you may transcribe your videos that were created using video creation software.

Or maybe you want to add some subtitles to the video, but still have no answer on how can I make my subtitles look good? Whatever the reason, if you want to save time and energy by transcribing video to text, IncrediScribe can help.

Step-by-step Guide To Convert Video to Text

Converting video content to text with IncrediScribe is a very simple and straightforward process. A big plus is that, when using the IncrediScribe software online, there is no need to download the software. You can simply open the dashboard in your browser and get started right away. Step 1 – Log in to IncrediScribe dashboard Step 2 – Press “New Transcription” or “New Upload” buttons Step 3 – Drag and Drop your video file to the window that opens Step 4 – Enter the names of the people who are speaking on the recording Step 5 – Click the “Submit” button. This will send the file to the IncrediScribe cloud editor. Step 6 – Make sure that there are no loud background sounds on the recording Step 7 – Let IncrediScribe transcribe your video and audio to text in the shortest time possible. Note that, as the IncrediScribe software is working and the transcription is being processed, you can edit the text in real-time. That is because IncrediScribe combines a media player and text editor, to make the transcription process easier and faster.

You can also convert not only videos but also speeches and interviews. For this, you need to use the professional voice recorder and save the audio after all.

How To Convert MP4 to Text?

MP4 files are very popular today for several reasons. First, instead of storing code, they store data. Then they use codecs’ handle coding and compression.

Because of these codecs, MP4 files have a lot more flexibility than MP3 files, can hold video, images, and text, and support metadata. To convert an MP4 file to text with IncrediScribe requires 3 simple steps. Step 1 – Upload your MP4 file to the IncrediScribe software; Step 2 – Click the “Upload” button and IncrediScribe automatically begins to convert your audio to text; Step 3 – As the software is working, you can edit your text. When the software finish, you will have your video converted to usable, proofread text you can post, or use any way you like.

Convert Video To Text

How To Convert a YouTube Video to Text?

There are many ways to transcribe audio to text. Transcribe and convert YouTube video to text has always been a little more difficult. Some of the ways that people use to convert YouTube videos to text include:

1. Converting it manually by listening and writing down what is being said, word-by-word;

2. Hiring a transcriptionist to convert the video file;

3. Use IncrediScribe to simply and easily convert YouTube videos to text online.

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Mobile Apps That Can Help You Convert Video To Text

There are a number of free apps that are available to convert video to audio. Some work better than others and some work on either Apple iOs or Android phones only.

Any Video Converter (Android) The Video Converter (Apple) IncrediScribe (Works on all smartphones)

Audext Video To Text

With apps that convert video to text, you can transcribe your videos to audio on-the-go. You don`t even need a computer or laptop. This can be very helpful if you work outside your office often or have a job that is constantly taking you to many different places.

Converting Video To Text Easy As ABC

In today’s fast-paced world there are many reasons to use video to text converter software and apps.

IncrediScribe offers both a free and a paid version of their online affordable transcription services. There is no need to download the software for it to work and the transcribed text can be edited on-the-fly in real-time.

It’s simple and provides excellent results. For students, journalists, podcasters, YouTubers, medical professionals, and many others.

IncrediScribe is a fast, easy, and convenient way to covert that will save you time, money, and effort!

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