Audio to Text Converter Online: Uses & What Makes the Best Service

Have you ever needed to convert audio to text in a hurry? Sometimes the information you need is buried in hours of audio file recordings, or you’re somewhere where it’s difficult to listen to audio closely.

Maybe you have an interview and you want to convert your audio into a readable format, to post online or in another written publication. In any of these scenarios and many more, an audio to text converter can be extremely beneficial.

Uses for Audio to Text Converters

An audio to text solution can be the perfect way to solve a wide range of problems. Here are eight reasons out of many that could prompt you to go looking for a high-quality text converter.

You have hearing loss. This can make it extremely hard to follow along with an audio or video. Having a transcript to read can make things much easier. You’re studying, and the audible textbook or video tutorial is slowing you down. A text converter can deliver a transcript that you can easily skim to get the salient points and move on to your next assignment more quickly. You’re attending a lecture and want to take notes, but it distracts you, or you might miss something important. Recording the lecture with an app like the IncrediScribe Voice Recorder can help you convert the audio to text. The IncrediScribe Voice Recorder allows you to transcribe audio straight from the app. You can also upload your mp3 files to a good file converter for audio to text conversion. You are working on a project and your resource is an audio or video file. You keep having to stop and start to keep track of the information you need. A transcript can be highlighted and used as required to keep you on track when you convert an audio file. You have an important phone call in which agreements will be made and terms will be discussed. You need to recorded it, and need to share salient points with another party. A transcript can be redacted, with only relevant parts shared in text form. You make YouTube videos or other content and want it to be accessible to people who might have trouble with the audio. YouTube video to text services let you caption or transcribe your videos. You are a software developer trying to create a voice-activated self-service option or chatbot for customers to explain their problems to and get answers. A speech to text AI can decipher spoken words and match them to text Q&A content using speech recognition software. You have an interview recording and want your audio or video content transcribed or captioned, and you need a solution. An audio to text converter service could be the answer.

What to look for in a speech to text converter

If you are looking for the best audio to text converter, one or more of these features is probably at the top of your list.


Sometimes a fast transcription is a priority. In that case, an option that automatically transcribes using machine transcription could be the best option. IncrediScribe offers automated transcription which is extremely fast (average turnaround time 5 minutes), accurate (80%), and inexpensive at $0.25 cents per audio minute.


If you need the transcription to be near perfect, a little more time and the human touch can help. IncrediScribe’s human-powered transcription has just a 12-hour turnaround and is 99% accurate. Use it for transcribing audio of meetings, webinars, videos, and audio files.


Need voice to text conversion on the go? IncrediScribe’s voice recorder app for iPhone and Android lets you use your phone to capture audio and swiftly convert voice to text. You can order a transcription directly from the app. Need to capture the audio from a call? IncrediScribe’s call recorder app for iPhone lets you record incoming and outgoing calls, convert any recording to text in the app, and share recordings and transcripts via email or file-sharing sites.

Business use

An audio to text API for software developers and enterprises lets you access fast transcription of audio and video files. You can use this advantage to offer greater analytics insights and more to your own clients. Software developers can also develop AI-powered applications that use voice to text conversion.