Announcing Rush Transcription Service — Get Your Transcripts Back Up to 10x Faster

At IncrediScribe, we aim to give customers more of their time back so they can focus on the things that matter. We know that a big part of this is getting your transcripts back even faster. You asked and we delivered – today, we’re launching a new Rush service for transcripts!

Rush Transcription vs. Our Standard Delivery

“I wasn’t sure what IncrediScribe could do impress me even more, but Rush blew me away. It was fast and accurate and a life-saver.”

Nicole Auerbach, The Athletic CFB

What do I get with Rush?

Rush expedites all your transcription files and delivers them to you up to 10x faster for an extra $1.00 per audio minute.

With Rush, all of your files will be prioritized for completion. In addition, long files will be split into multiple segments so that our team of transcriptionists can work on it at the same time. We’ll combine the segments and deliver them to you in a single document.

Because multiple transcriptionists are working on your file at the same time, speaker names may be inconsistent in long files. However, we still expect a high degree of accuracy since we’re putting our best transcriptionists to work.

Who is Rush useful for?

Rush helps individuals and teams expedite workflows and check things off your to-do list faster.

Whether you are a journalist aiming to get a story out as quickly as possible, a business unit collaborating with internal teams on projects, or a professional working to meet client needs, Rush can help you meet those tight deadlines.

“We had a very important interview we needed transcribed quickly and reliably for a film under production, and Rush came to the rescue at the perfect time. We are grateful that such a top-notch and fast service now exists!”

Willa Kammerer, The Firestarter Interactive

How do I get started?

Rushing your transcription files is easy. Just check “Rush My Order” in checkout – that’s it!

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