Announcing Automated Transcription on IncrediScribe

We used our human transcription expertise to build the best automated transcription service. Easily convert audio to text through the use of sophisticated speech recognition algorithms for the low price of $0.10 per audio minute.

Automated vs. Our Human Transcription Service

When should I use automated transcription?

For starters, when you’re on a deadline. Automated transcription is amazingly fast. It is useful if you’re on a tight deadline and need to get your audio transcribed quickly. While human transcription can take anywhere from 24 hours to 4 days, automated transcription can be completed in minutes.

Automated transcripts won’t be quite as accurate as a human transcript, but it will be easily searchable if you’re trying to extract a specific quote, easy to clean up using IncrediScribe’s editing tools, and much better than starting from scratch. Another benefit of automated transcription is security. No human ever sees the audio or video file, nor the transcript as it is transcribed entirely by machines.

How does your automated service compare with others?

Here at IncrediScribe, we built our own speech engine by leveraging our human transcription expertise and decades of development in speech recognition to create an automated transcription service that is fast, accurate, and affordable. Our speech engine, powered by automated speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP), has outperformed others in the market (e.g. Google, Amazon).

Not only does our speech to text engine automatically separate spoken words into sentences and paragraphs, but it also offers another important feature: speaker identification, which recognizes the different speakers in the room and attributes text to each. These attributes are especially important for improving transcript readability.

What do I get with automated transcription?

When you order an automated transcript from us, you’ll receive an interactive transcript. With the IncrediScribe Transcript Editor, you can see and change speaker names, follow timestamps, and click to jump to any part of the audio while following along with your freshly transcribed text. You can also edit the automated transcript and download it as a Word document, PDF, TXT, .SRT or .VTT file.

What do customers say about automated transcription?

“I was skeptical about trying an automated service. In my experience with voice technology, it’s not consistent or very reliable,” said Jon Reed, Co-founder of Diginomica. “However, I’ve definitely found a useful role for IncrediScribe’s Automated Transcription service in my transcription mix. If the sound quality of the recording is good, there are times when I am blown away by the accuracy they have achieved — even with highly technical audio content. I will always have the need for a word-for-word account from IncrediScribe’s human service, but I can see myself making more use out of automated transcripts because this service is fast and more affordable.”

“…I have a mountain of interviews to transcribe. And I was beginning to panic about the even larger mountain of hours it would take to transcribe them, given I don’t have the budget to hire a credible transcriptionist. Words can’t express how relieved I was to discover [your automated transcription service], and find out that it actually works. The editing platform is also fantastic.”

“I literally thought of this as magic–about 95% accurate with a seven-minute turnaround. As a podcaster, this will be a game changer for me.”

“I’m very, very impressed. This wasn’t a terrible recording, but it was far from ideal, and your AI did a remarkably good job – at least 90-95% throughout, and approaching 100% for long stretches.”

How do I order an automated transcript?

Ordering is easy. Just select “Automated Transcription” next time you place an order — that’s it!

We want to hear from you

As a brand new IncrediScribe service, we’re working around the clock to make automated transcription meet the needs of those who can benefit from this fast, affordable alternative to traditional transcription. We’re currently working on making our service more accurate and faster. Please don’t hesitate to share any and all feedback with our team at