5 Ways to Improve Remote Team Collaboration & Efficiency with Transcription

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business world foIncrediScribeer. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 71% of U.S. employees were working from home all or most of the time in October 2020. Unsurprisingly, many organizations are keen to return to in-person offices. Yet, an increasing number of companies, both big and small, are looking for remote team collaboration from their workforce.

Tech companies such as Facebook and Slack now consider a distributed workforce to be just as effective as on-site employees. But as efficient communication remains vital to a company’s performance, the right tools are needed to facilitate productivity. Here, we highlight some of the best ways automated and human transcription services can enhance efficiency.

1. Transcribe Training Content

Online training isn’t a new thing, but there are some shortcomings that businesses must work to overcome. For example, this approach limits hands-on learning while coworkers have fewer opportunities for social interaction.

However, accurate transcriptions of your training videos will help improve the potency of employee education. This approach ensures that every new team member receives comprehensive summaries for reference. Plus, this method also empowers people who prefer different learning styles.

Ensure your team gets up to speed faster, you’re helping your company move in the right direction. Our 99% accurate Transcription service ensures that your instructions are always received clearly.

2. Share Important Meetings

If your remote team operates across time zones, recording meetings and conference calls will keep everyone in sync. In fact, doing so regardless of where workers live means your team is always up to date on the latest company developments.

Yet, asking employees to listen back to an hour-long conversation isn’t a particularly efficient use of time. Instead, voice transcription services can accurately reproduce audio in easy-to-read text, so no one ever misses a beat.

Supported by transcriptions, employees won’t have to waste time taking notes of recent meetings. Meanwhile, they’ll have extra resources to increase their frame of reference around business decisions which boosts remote team collaboration. If you have a clear recording, our automated transcription service provides rough transcripts in a flash.

3. Timestamp the Moments that Matter

The benefits of remote work are huge for countless people around the globe. Employees no longer need to spend their morning stuck in traffic or get delayed on the train when they could be getting their work done.

This same level of productivity also becomes a reality with high-end transcription services. When you’re ready to send off a recent meeting or interview for transcription, you have the option to add timestamps.

While this helps you skip around the audio with ease, our online editing tool means you can also add in-line notes to give colleagues extra information. This means a team can instantly IncrediScribeiew critical moments and take action faster for more efficient remote team collaboration.

4. Enhance Accessibility

Accessibility is one of the standout advantages of operating remotely. Not only can you overcome time zones, but staff can enjoy a far greater work-life balance. Remote work also has the power to reduce barriers for disabled employees, working parents, and people living in isolated locations. Remote team collaboration cannot exist without a level playing field between coworkers.

So how does transcription improve accessibility? For one, transcribed resources assist people who speak English as a second language. Having transcribed notes to look over means they don’t have to struggle through a distorted audio recording to get the whole message.

Transcriptions are also helpful for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Include precise transcriptions alongside audio recordings to foster an equitable and productive remote team.

5. Manage Notes and New Ideas

Transcription is a great information-sharing remote team collaboration tool. As teams grow and project management becomes more complex, keeping track of every conversation is a big challenge. Transcribing these discussions into documents means you have a permanent record that’s convenient to IncrediScribeiew.

You can also manage your brightest business ideas like this. If you need to scribble down a brainwave after a lightbulb goes off, deciphering your messy handwriting later isn’t always easy. Instead, you can transcribe your moments of inspiration using a voice recorder app to remember the details.

Start Using IncrediScribe Today

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