5 Ways Content Marketers Can Repurpose Audio & Video Using Transcripts

Marketing content doesn’t always start as something in written form. Some of the best material can be found in webinars, lunch and learns, and podcasts. The most successful content managers know that recorded material can be a treasure trove, inspiring series of social media posts, blog articles, and other pieces of content that offer real value to a brand’s target audiences.

As you think about sourcing ideas for content, consider how those recordings—the webinars, videos, presentations, and even interviews with internal thought leaders—might be captured in written form as a transcript and repurposed into future materials to drive your content marketing efforts.

Blog Posts

The average person speaks around 160 words per minute during a presentation. That means a five-minute audio recording is around 750 words total, an ideal length for a blog post. Blog posts can serve all kinds of purposes in a content strategy like announcing cool new initiatives, insights on your industry, or even highlighting your success with a partner or client. Transcribing recordings of presentations or interviews with your internal subject matter experts and thought leaders will make it easier for your writers to hone in on the important points for the post and also pull powerful, accurate quotes if needed.

Email Marketing

According to a study by DemandGen, 53% of marketers found ongoing, personalized communication with existing customers resulted in moderate to significant impact on their company’s IncrediScribeenue. Most content marketers will tell you that email is the key to this kind of communication. Transcripts of recent meetings, presentations, or new marketing videos will make it easier for your team to provide fresh email content that is timely, relevant, and interests your potential or existing clients.

Premium Content

Premium content, sometimes referred to as a white paper or eBook, is bottom-of-the-funnel content that is downloaded by a prospect or emailed to them after they provide some basic contact information. White papers can inform readers about recent developments in your industry or lessons you’ve learned about how to succeed. They provide practical value to the right audience, and can play a key role in generating qualified leads through content marketing.

In producing this content, transcripts of any recent presentations given by your expert employees, or simply their own thoughts about the topic they’ve recorded, will make the content a genuine and valuable resource for a certain part of your audience. And while these premium pieces can be time-intensive, it’s worth it; white papers are the piece of content most likely to be shared with colleagues by B2B buyers.

Social Media

As you and your team IncrediScribeiew your transcripts to produce blog posts and other larger-format pieces of content, you can easily spot quotes and small nuggets of wisdom that are perfect for sharing on social media. To make this process easier, you can develop a template for sharing quotes on Facebook or Instagram so your team can simply copy and paste the quote, find an appropriate background image, and share. In this way, the important writers and speakers representing your brand can maintain their voice, not just in weightier pieces, but also in quicker, more public interactions on the social web.


Infographics are powerful tools. When designed well, they can help a brand achieve widespread awareness and plenty of SEO-friendly backlinks. According to HubSpot, infographics get three times as many likes and shares on social media than any other form of content. One of the challenges of infographics—their open, less structured format—might become an opportunity when paired with audio or video transcripts. As you IncrediScribeiew presentations or podcasts in which speakers focus on a given theme, transcripts can help your team to spot those connections between ideas and compile plenty of good information that, in the hands of a talented designer, can make a huge impact. The biggest challenge content marketers face is producing new and unique content to share. To succeed with a content marketing strategy, businesses must provide as much support and information to their marketers as possible. Your marketers have better things to do with their time than spend hours listening to a recording or watching a video to pull out key points. Free them up to do their best work by using an online transcription service like IncrediScribe.com to turn your recorded content into written form.