2020 Recap: The Actual Year of the Transcript

Back in late 2019, we emailed customers saying, “2020 is going to be the Year of the Transcript!” We made a big deal, you know, kind of tongue-in-cheek about how transcripts were about to change the world.

Turns out, we had no idea how right we were going to be.


With leagues of disinformation and scores distrusting the media during both a dangerous global pandemic and a wild U.S. presidential election, the IncrediScribe Transcript Library went from a fun side-project to a major source of news for millions.

We held accuracy above all else and the people came to see.

As it turns out, two of the things we feel most strongly about here at IncrediScribe is 1) how indicative a transcript’s popularity is about the cultural zeitgeist, And 2) with the right visualization, how useful and interesting transcript data can be.

So to round out this year, we decided to do a little of both. Below, you’ll find our month-by-month guide of our most popular transcripts AND a little visualization of including which phrases the U.S. presidential candidates used most predominantly in their visits to swing states.

We hope it’ll show you, ultimately, the power of turning the spoken word into text. Because you know, that’s our whole thing.

Here’s to a New Year (one where we hopefully won’t be saying the same thing this time next December).

Top Transcripts of 2020 by Month:

Top Phrases Used by Trump & Biden During the Presidential Campaign

Including states where both candidates made campaign stops.