12 Ways to Repurpose Video Transcripts

A video transcript is essential for any content producer. A modern must-have tool in video marketing, video-to-text transcription creates immediate SEO content so that your video is easily searchable by major search engines.

So, whether you have a YouTube episode you want to push, an eLearning course you wish to promote, or a sales page you need to generate conversions from, forget the mantra ‘content is king.’ While every marketer requires great content, it’s video transcripts that act as the actual ‘royalty’ in today’s modern, SEO-driven marketing world.

What Do Video Transcripts Have to Do with Your Marketing Strategy?

Transcription is a written record of everything that is said in your video. Publishing this transcript alongside your video boosts searchability and engagement.

When done strategically, video transcripts can act as your marketing dream team. Why?

Consider that video links have a 41% higher click-through rate than their text equivalent. Now, how do you make your video link visible and relevant in search results in the first place? Answer: a computer-readable transcription of your video’s text.

Whether you’re a business owner, podcaster, or video agency, you can use video transcripts to:

  • Strengthen marketing campaigns;
  • Streamline workflow processes;
  • Increase user’s engagement and retention
  • Amplify content marketing.

In other words, video transcripts offer a strategic, creative way to market your business.

What is Content Amplification?

Content amplification is a content strategy that utilizes multiple channels or platforms to promote a single piece of content. So, instead of creating a brand new piece of content for Facebook, your blog, a landing page, and a paid ad campaign, you utilize a single piece of content adapted for many different platforms.

Every time you create a video, you invest time, money, and imagination in your brand. Content amplification helps you to boost your return on that investment in a shorter period of time.

When it comes to your video marketing efforts, there’s never been a simpler – or smarter – approach to content amplification than video transcripts.

12 Ways to Leverage Your Video Transcripts

Here are 12 super-simple ways you can leverage video transcripts to:

  • Optimize your content
  • Reach a greater audience
  • Improve brand awareness

1. SEO Blog Post

Your wise words have value. Why not immortalize them in a blog post?

If your video features an interview, re-format your transcript and add context to the meet-up. By repurposing your video transcript into a blog post, you can optimize all those SEO-friendly terms you threw around in your video.

Transforming your video into a blog post should be a prime element of your content marketing plan.

2. How-to Page

Around 95% of users have viewed a how-to video. But wouldn’t most of us appreciate written instructions , too? The How-to page is SEO gold.

3. Landing page/Sales Page Copy

The chatty tone you use in videos may be more relatable to website visitors than the stuffy text that some of us produce when writing landing page copy.

Scan your transcript for nuggets of text that explain what you do in a fast way – and use it on your homepage.

4. Script for a Webinar

Reading back your transcript, your level of expertise may surprise you. Re-structure it as a webinar to encourage your audience to interact with you and build a community around your brand.

5. Snippet/Teaser on Social Media

Take an image or clip from your video. Grab a beefy paragraph from your transcript. Share across Facebook and Instagram to lure audiences to your complete video.

6. YouTube Description

Have you ever wondered how some YouTubers make it to the top of a search, and you’re stuck on page 20? Their secret sauce lies in the video description. Adding a transcript to your YouTube or Vimeo description boosts searchability and accessibility, while also allowing you to include additional, ‘recommended’ URLs, links to your website, landing pages, and giveaways, and boosts their overall engagement with your brand.

7. Translate into Other Languages

You have the kind of content people want to read – if only they can find it. why not help them out, by offering transcription in multiple languages?

Search engines do not consider translated content to be a duplicate of the original. So, instead of one transcript-based SEO blog post, create multiple posts for an efficient audience and SEO boost.

8. Testimonials

Your interviewee said something extraordinary about your business? Market yourself by providing social proof, and showcase it on your webpage, LinkedIn profile, resume.

9. Infographic

Like a How-To page, an infographic allows visitors to access information at their own pace, and you’ve already structured that information in your video.

Clip it from your transcript into a free infographic maker to create highly sharable content .

10. Ebook

We’ve established that your video expresses your expertise, and repurposing it as an ebook signals that expertise to new audiences and industries. Require visitors sign-up to download it, and build an engaged, targeted audience.

11. Mailing List

Email isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Provide high-value content your audience wants, with transcripts sent right to their inbox.

12. Twitter Thread

Is it possible to sustain attention on Twitter? Yes, if you deliver the highlights of your transcript as a structured thread of re-tweetable insights.

A Strategic Approach to Transcripts That Stays Within Budget

If you’ve created a video, then you’ve already done the hard work of providing value – but now it’s time to maximize its exposure and accessibility. IncrediScribe offers human transcription that’s affordable and accurate. With your video speech converted to text, your only limit to how you amplify your content is your imagination.