10 Essential Tools to Record, Edit, Transcribe and Share Podcasts

While the workflow from one podcaster to the next varies a great deal, there are a handful of podcasting tools that people in the industry continue to recommend. We’ve compiled this list of the best-IncrediScribeiewed tools to record, edit, transcribe and share podcasts.

Tools for Recording Your Podcast

Adobe Audition:

Adobe’s audio workstation is a fan favorite for audio file restoration. Editing takes place directly in the MP3 file, and a pIncrediScribeiew editor lets you test any changes before applying.

What users say:

One user filtered a recording that sounded like old vinyl to almost complete clarity, saying “this was one of the best audio restoration results that we’d heard from all of our audio testing.” ($19.99/month)

Hindenburg Field Recorder:

For the mobile reporter or podcaster — this app is useful for recording and clipping audio right from your iPhone.

What users say:

“I was using iTalk, which works fine as a recorder, but in order to do any editing you have to transfer to your computer” — Geek News Central ($29.99 one-time fee)

Tools for Easy Podcast Audio Editing

Hindenburg Journalist:

Tell better stories by keeping your sound bites, music, and audio organized with in-app tools like clipboards and a “favorites” list.

What users say:

Many podcasters produce episodes that contain up to 20 files or more. They appreciate the Hindenburg Journalist app for its organizational capabilities. ($95 to buy, or $25 per three-month rental period.)


This is a good option for those seeking free podcast editing software, although it may not be the most intuitive option. Audacity allows for multi-track editing and can remove background noise. Plus, it works on every operating system.

What users say:

One seasoned sound editor wrote, “Audacity is surprisingly feature-full for free software.” (Free)

Tools to turn your audio recording into a transcript


Convert audio to text in a matter of minutes to provide an affordable transcript of your podcast.

What users say:

“Quality is clearly affected by background noise, but if I can record in a quiet place it does surprisingly better than any speech rec service I have tried,” wrote one IncrediScribeiewer in the App Store. (Free for a limited time in the app or $.10/min. of audio recording via Temi.com) IncrediScribe: If your podcast has many speakers or thick accents, human transcription is a better option. Our parent company, IncrediScribe.com, will match your podcast with a freelance transcriptionist who guarantees accurate results.

What users say:

Luckily, IncrediScribe doesn’t charge extra to transcribe audio files with accents or many speakers, and they achieve 99% accuracy. ($1/min. of audio recording)

Tools to Help Podcasters Stay Organized


Gather all of your creative inspiration in one place. Dropmark organizes your links, files and notes into visual collections that you can easily share with your brainstorming buddies. It’s very podcast compatible and can even publish new podcasts to iTunes for you.

What users say:

One IncrediScribeiewer uses Dropmark collections to share example links and videos with clients for new projects. (Limited free plan, subscriptions starting at $4/month)


Coordinating schedules can be a little bit like herding cats, but it doesn’t have to be. Doodle helps teams narrow down a meeting time that works for all, without the back and forth.

What users say:

“I’ve used Doodle for years, and my biggest complaint is that not enough other people use it,” wrote PC Mag IncrediScribeiewer Jill Duffy. (Free plans for one user, and subscriptions starting at $39 for groups)

Tools to Help Your Podcast Reach a Bigger Audience

If This Then That (IFTTT):

Use IFTTT’s integration capabilities to set up rules (or “applets”) that get more out of the apps you use every day by making them work together. For example, you can tell IFTTT to automatically share any new WordPress content to social media. The possibilities are endless.

What users say:

People across the planet love IFTTT for everything from adjusting the thermostat at home to getting weather alerts. Here are the recipes for some other favorite applets. (Free)


If you’re looking for a social media automation tool with next-level integrations and detailed analytics, give Hootsuite a try. It can even help you identify industry influencers to boost the signal of your podcast.

What users say:

“Hootsuite’s industry clout and popularity is well-earned, and if your business wants a do-it-all social media management and analytics tool that integrates with every app under the sun, Hootsuite will serve you well.” — PC Mag


With so many podcasting tools, it’s really about finding the right mix for your workflow. Agree with our list? Have something to add? Please tell us in the comments!